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Canadian Spaces
Saturday February 16th, 2019 with Joe Reilly
Carolyn Sutherland from Folk Alliance, Madison Violet, Mia Kelly

Joe Reilly here filling in for Chris as he is at the American Folk Alliance Conference. Hope you enjoy the 40 minutes of uninterrupted folk. Carolyn Sutherland reports from the Folk Alliance conference in Montreal -- Moonfruits did not make their call unfortunately due to technical difficulties. Kaitlin Milroy and Alex Millaire are excited to of be one of the official Folk Alliance showcase acts. They will perform as part of the Log Drive Café series in Ottawa on Friday, Feb. 22. The venue is Eccleisax Church at 2 Monk Street in the Glebe. They are also performing at the Almonte Old Town Hall as part of the Folkus Concert Series on Saturday, Feb. 23. There's more information about both shows at Their website is Madison Violet (Brenley McEachern and Lisa MacIsaac) call in from the Folk Alliance conference to talk about their new album entitled 'Everything's Shifting', coming out on March 8. They're celebrating 20 years of performing together. Their website is Mia Kelly is a 16-year old songwriter and performer from Gatineau. She is releasing a four-song EP entitled "Cardboard Box", produced by Dave Draves, in two concerts at the Black Sheep -- Friday evening Feb. 22 and Sunday afternoon. Her website is Feb. 24. Get out and see some live music this week. Don't forget Come See and Hear the World presented by Ottawa Bluesfest with Antibalas and Sudan Archives tonight at the Southminister United Church and Harry Manx with Manx Marriner Mainline and Crystal Shawanda at the Fourth Avenue Baptist Church.
One More Night
Porcelain Owl - Eat At Zorba's - Indie Canadian
Little One
Peter Katz - Still Mind Still - Shape of A Boy Canadian
Always On My Mind
Rose Erin Stokes - Wherever I Go - Indie Canadian
The One I Remember
Oliver Schroer - A Million Stars - Borealis Canadian
Oliver's Tune
Peter Katz - First of the Last To Know - Curve Music/Sony Canadian
Refused to Learn
Folly and the Hunter - Remains - Outside Music Canadian
Ode to the Morning Sky
John Southworth - Niagara Canadian
Preach Love
Gabrielle Papillon - The Tempest of Old Canadian
Light Is Gone
Amanda Rheaume - The Skin I'm In - Indie Canadian New
Beatrice Deer - My All To You - Callo Canadian
Battle of the Species
Antibalas - Liberation Afro Beat Vol. 1 - Ninja Tune
Bring That Thing
Harry Manx - Dog My Cat Canadian
How We See Love
Madison Violet - The Knight Sessions Canadian
Tell Me
Madison Violet - Everything's Shifting Canadian New
Next up it's Chris White in conversation with Mia Kelly about her upcoming e.p. release at the Black Sheep Inn - with Mia playing songs live in this segment.
Cardboard Box
Mia Kelly - Cardboard Box Canadian New
Mia Kelly - Cardboard Box Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Anne W - Wakefield
Ahh one of my fave Oli Schroer pieces - thx. He was so creative with the use of ambient sound - one of the first/best imo.

10:23 AM, February 16th, 2019
Tim A
Really enjoying your mix Joe.

10:27 AM, February 16th, 2019
very much agree - and great transition from Schroer to the following pce!

10:30 AM, February 16th, 2019
What tune was playing at around 10:27? It had sparse bass and a cool drum beat...

10:36 AM, February 16th, 2019
Ahhh it was "Refused to Learn".

10:50 AM, February 16th, 2019
Joe Reilly (host)
Definitely check out Folly and the Hunter's last (LAST) album Remains. Very touching album that chronicles the decision to end the band and stop making music.. .sad yet hopeful in the 2nd last song on the album. Consider buying it to give them some love and support. Amazing group. Sad they decided to call it quits.

11:00 AM, February 16th, 2019
Jim Mountain
Great show Joe ! appreciate your music, insights, stories and interviews, listeing in on a bright wintry day from out in Lanark County..

11:27 AM, February 16th, 2019
Joe Reilly (host)
Thanks for all the positive comments. Lots of fun to do this show today.

11:55 AM, February 16th, 2019