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Canadian Spaces
Saturday January 26th, 2019 with Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White
40 minutes of uninterrupted winter songs ... plus The Trads, Kevin Closs

The Trads – Graham Lindsey, Kristan Couture and Peter Taylor – perform a house concert in Ottawa this evening. The band features mandolin, banjo, fiddle, accordion, guitar and vocals. Paul Weber opens the show with songs about the people and history of Ottawa – see for details. Kevin Closs from the Sudbury area also performs a house concert in Ottawa this evening. He has travelled to the Arctic and Antarctic and has released 11 albums – details at
'40 minutes of uninterrupted winter songs" courtesy of Carolyn Sutherland.
Check out the fascinating article and images for "Ode to Manitoba winter: Love it or hate it, the season has inspired artists for 200 years" here:
Last Night (Live)
Lynn Miles - Winter Canadian
The Coldest Night Of The Year
Bruce Cockburn - Anything Anytime Anywhere Canadian
A Game Goin' On (feat. David Francey)
Dave Gunning - No More Pennies Canadian
Galaxie 500
Leaf Rapids - Lucky Stars Canadian
Winter Wheat
John K. Samson - Winter Wheat Canadian
A Good Dog Is Lost
Ron Hynes - Get Back Change Canadian
Winter's Defeat
Good Lovelies - Winter's Calling Canadian
Cold in the Summer
Dan Mangan - More or Less Canadian
Jamaica Farewell
Harry Belafonte - Calypso
Catherine MacLellan - Silhouette Canadian
The Lucky Ones
Willie P. Bennett - The Lucky Ones Canadian
A Blue Whale's Lament
Kevin Closs - live in the studio Canadian
In Deep
Kevin Closs - live in the studio Canadian
Jenny Lind
Kevin Closs - live in the studio Canadian
Tip Jar
El Coyote - EL Coyote Canadian
Cooks in the Kitchen Again
The Trads - live in the studio Canadian
Ollie's Tune
The Trads - live in the studio Canadian
The Coldest Winter in the History of the World
Lynn Miles - Winter Songs Canadian
Northern Lights
The Jerry Cans - Inuusiq Canadian
This Heart That Lives in WInter
Lynn Miles - Winter Songs Canadian
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Shelley Ann Morris
Hello Chris/Carolyn, Good to hear two familiar voices today. Listening in from home with a hot brown drink.

10:08 AM, January 26th, 2019
Mornin guys,nice playlist.Thanks Chris for what ya do.

10:12 AM, January 26th, 2019
Great music!

10:22 AM, January 26th, 2019
Mary Gick
Great musical selections Carolyn!

10:49 AM, January 26th, 2019
Susan Williamson
Hey Carolyn- listening in from good to hear you back the radio! And with Lynn Miles up first, followed by Bruce Cockburn. couldn't be better. Love from Susan in Kent...

1:28 PM, January 26th, 2019