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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday December 29th, 2018 with Pat Moore
Lots of love, lots of music. No guests...perhaps a first in a long while for Canadian Spaces. Happy Holidays everyone.

Ship of Dreams
Ron Hynes - Later that Same Life Canadian
Ode to a Broken Heart
The Once - Row Upon Row Canadian
Long Lovely Love Affair
Barney Bentall - Flesh and Bone Canadian
Aussi Ocean (plus intro)
Tyler Kealey - The Dog is Dead Canadian
My Favorite Things
Lauren Roy & Fraser Holmes - A Small Talk Christmas Canadian
Blue Christmas
Whitehorse - A Whitehorse Winter Classic Canadian
Frost on Black Fur
Kate Weekes - Frost on Black Fur Canadian
Skating Rink
David Francey - Skating Rink Canadian
Welcome to Boston
The Barra MacNeils - On the Bright Side Canadian
Daughters of Newfoundland
The Ennis Sisters - Keeping Time Canadian
Thus ends the 40 minutes of mostly uninterrupted folk. :)
Marylou in Burgundy
Terry Tufts - 2 Nights Solo Canadian
Jockey full of Bourbon
Christine Graves - Stray Canadian
I Miss that old Railroad
Justin Ralph - By the Old RailRoad Canadian
So How Come You Don't Have Tongue?
Shelley Posen - Manna Canadian
Picture of You
Brock Zeman - $100 Difference Canadian
Roaming Still
Cooper MacLaren - Roaming Still Canadian
The Dance That You Saved Me
Tom Lips - The Devil's Day Off Canadian
Anne Lewis - Expressions Canadian
Puppy Doggone Blues
Mabel Beggs - I've Got a Bulldog Canadian
The Three Bells
Russell Levia - The Wayward Wind Canadian
Tim Drum
Catriona Sturton - & the Screaming Elks
One Homeless Man
Andy McGaw - Colour and Light Canadian
Ragman Blues
Durham County Poets - Chikkaboodah Stew Canadian
Shelter Me
Suzie Vinnick - Live at Bluesville Canadian
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