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Canadian Spaces
Saturday August 18th, 2018 with Shelley Ann Morris and Chris White
The Woolly Mammoth Project, Steve Tennant, Danielle Allard, Jason Dunkerley, Maria Hawkins, Tribute to Geoff Johnson

The first 9 music tracks are this week's "40 minutes of uninterrupted folk" as selected by today's co-host, Shelley Ann Morris. She's the regular co-host of "Welcome To My World" on CKCU – a program by, for and about people with disabilities. The show is broadcast on Tuesday mornings from 9:05 to 10:00 am. All programs from the past three years are available in CKCU's "On Demand" archive at
The Cross
Tony Copple - demo Canadian
Take Care, Oh Beware
Sneezy Waters - Sneezy Waters Canadian
35,000 Mots
Kristine St-Pierre - La Promesse Canadian
Ottawa Samba
Paul Weber - demo Canadian
Twin Flames - Jajji and Chelsey June Canadian
Dave King - Life and Death Canadian
At the End of the Day
Sills and Smith - Maps, Burned or Lost Canadian
Blame It On The Devil
The Lynnes - Heartbreak Song for the Radio Canadian
Catching Up
Tribe Royal - Colours of the Sun Canadian
Shelley Morris debriefs the "40 minutes".
Interview with The Woolly Mammoth Project.
The Woolly Mammoth Project - Independent Thought Alarm Canadian
Interview with Steve Tennant about the Aug. 21 concert at the Perth Restaurant featuring The Primary Colours (Doug coc, Linda McCrae and Kim Richey)
Old Friends
Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie - Old Friends Canadian
Danie,,e Allard chats and performs live.
No Longer Silent
Danielle Allard - live in the studio Canadian
Danielle Allard - live in the studio Canadian
Vince Halfhide - Vince Halfhide Canadian
Singer-songwriter and Paralympian Jason Dunkerley chats and performs live.
Walk Away
Jason Dunkerley - live in the studio Canadian
You Gotta Know
Jason Dunkerley - live in the studio Canadian
Maria Hawkins and Chris White: a tribute to Geoff Johnson
Silent Sam
Geoff Johnson - Some Friends Canadian
Geoff Johnson - Some Friends Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Hello everyone Grab a cup of your favourite hot brown drink and stay tuned for a really jampacked two hours of folk, friends, and fun

9:26 AM, August 18th, 2018
Tony Copple
Wow, I'm honoured, listening from Worcester, South Africa. Fame at last! Thank you Shelley Ann

10:11 AM, August 18th, 2018
Frank Smith
Some beautiful music on the show today Shelley! I'm really enjoying it! Good morning to you!

10:13 AM, August 18th, 2018
Dave King
Wow!!!:) Thanx for playing my song "Serendipity" back to back with Frank Smith's great song "The End of the Day" Shelley!!!!! :) :) :)

10:34 AM, August 18th, 2018
Ray Barfitt
Good morning guys. Great show! I especially liked that song by the Lynnes. They are so good!

10:43 AM, August 18th, 2018
Lester B
Hey like the Woollys...great song!

11:02 AM, August 18th, 2018
Loved the show!! Such variety of music and conversation!! So great to hear Shelley's voice this Saturday morning...yours too Chris! Always so upbeat, fun and interesting!

1:07 PM, August 18th, 2018
Tony Copple
It's me again - Laurie-Ann and I run an internet radio station from Worcester, South Africa, called CWCP Radio on Thursday's at 2 pm Ottawa time and we are up to our 26th program called the Worcester Reports. Here's the link and scroll down to the Galcom XStreamer to listen. Today, after the 1 hour regular show, we are rebroadcasting the whole of last Saturday's Canadian Spaces, not just because I am in it thanks to Shelley Ann who is a regular listener, but because it was such a great show, particularly the co-hosting!

5:02 AM, August 23rd, 2018