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Saturday October 21st, 2017 with Slo' Tom and Chris White
Funding Drive! Daphne Volante, Paul Roberto and Gilles Leclerc, Andre Gagne, William Pearl, Eleanor Crowder, Robin Guy and Scott Richardson (Bear & Co.), Folk Music Ontario conference, Trish Bolechowsky, Shelley Ann Morris

It's CKCU's annual Funding Drive -- please do your part to support community radio! On today's show: Daphne Volante is in to chat and perform. She gives a concert at the Log Drive Café (Abbotsford House) on Fri. Oct. 27. Paul Roberto and Gilles Leclerc, two members of The Dusty Drifters, perform as a duo called String Masons. They're in the studio to chat and perform live prior to their concert at the Westboro Masonic Hall this evening on a bill with Azalea (Hamilton). Photojournalist Andre Gagne drops by to tell us about an exciting and imaginative Ottawa Life initiative called "Cover Me" (see! William Pearl and Wilson have started a concert series at a beautiful Trinity United Church in Kars. Upcoming concerts include Lynn Miles and Keith Glass on Oct. 27, and Ian Sherwood on Nov. 17 -- website Eleanor Crowder, Robin Guy and Scott Richardson are in the studio to sing and talk about their production "No Way to Say Goodbye: Songs of Leonard Cohen" which runs at The Gladstone Theatre ( from Oct.26 to Nov. 4. We also have a phone interview with CKCU Shelley Ann Morris, one of 600 delegates at the 31st annual Folk Music Ontario (FMO) conference in Toronto. And Slo' Tom plays a song, backed up by String Masons!
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"Push and pledge", replaced "dial and donate"... didn't Chopper come up with that?

10:46 AM, October 21st, 2017