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Canadian Spaces
Saturday October 7th, 2017 with Trish Bolechowsky and Chris White
Oh Susanna, Bob Dawson, Jean-Marie Guerrier, Jérémi Caron (Outside I'm a Giant), Tony Turner

Trish Bolechowsky, host of The Brew on CKCU, Mondays at 7:05 am, is in the studio to co-host this episode with Chris White. Oh Susanna calls in on her way from Toronto to Ottawa to play the new, improved NAC Fourth Stage this evening. Her album "A Girl in Teen City" is nominated for three Canadian Folk Music Awards. Bob Dawson and Jean-Marie Guerrier drop by to select some hockey songs and talk about some upcoming events related to Black hockey leagues and players. Jérémi Caron is in to chat and perform; his band Outside I'm a Giant plays the Black Sheep this evening. And we get an update from singer-songwriter Tony Turner who moved from Ottawa to the "left coast" a few months ago and is finding lots of inspiration there.
Don't Make Me
Civil Wray - Civil Wray Canadian New
No More Violence
Alysha Brilla - Humam Canadian New
No More Quiet
Amelia Curran - Watershed Canadian New
The Juggler
Brock Zeman - The Carnival is Back in Town Canadian
Brock Zeman is at Irene's Pub 885 Bank St. tonight
everybody wants to be in love
Slow Leaves - beauty is so common Canadian
Slow Leaves plays in Ottawa, Fri. Oct 13th at Irene's Pub with Still Winter Hills and Graven.
You Won't Find Me on Benefits Street
The Younguns - Another Man's Ground
Moulettes - Behemooth s/t

Theatre Outremont in Montreal, Saturday, October 7th
Crecent Moon
Abigail Lapell - Great Survivor Canadian
I Miss That Old Railroad
Justin Ralph - By the Old Railroad Canadian New
In The City
Chicken-Like Birds - Moving On Canadian
Devil's Rolling Pin
Shawna Caspi - Forest Fire Canadian New
Everything You Need (Revisited)
Tomato Tomato - s/t Canadian New

Tomato Tomato with Old Man Grant at NAC 4th stage, October 13th, 8:30 pm, $15
Ottawa Show listing

Brock Zeman - Sat. Oct 7th at Irene's

Jesse Cook - NAC Southam Hall, Nov. 14th, 8 pm, tiecker from $55 to 85

Tomato Tomato with Old Man Grant at NAC 4th stage, October 13th, 8:30 pm, $15

Slow Leaves - Fri. Oct 13th at Irene's with Still Winter Hills and Graven.

Kamancello - album release Oct 12th at Pressed Cafe, with Heather Sita Black

Carolyn Mark w Bobby Dove and Allison Brown Oct 14 at The Black Sheep Inn, $15

Gabrielle Papillon and Megan Nash - Oct 15th at 4 pm, $10

Elliot Brood - with Odd Years, Oct. 19th at The Black Sheep Inn, $20

Karpinka Brothers (Saskatoon) with Jeffrey Straker - Nov. 5th, 4 pm, $10 at the Black Sheep Inn
Tickets on the Weekend
Oh Susanna - A Girl in Teen City Canadian New
Oh Susanna plays the NAC 4th Stage on Sat. Oct. 7th
The Hockey Song
Stompin' Tom - . Canadian
Interview with Bob Dawson and Jean-Marie about the Black History Ottawa Project and the Colored Hockey League

you can donate to this project via Canada Helps "Black History Ottawa"

There will be a commemorative hockey game in December and a presentation and interactive discussion "History of The Coloured Hockey League of the Maritimes".

You can contact either Bob or Jean-Marie for more info:
Bob Dawson 613-595-0070,
Jean-Marie Guerrier 613-761-0277,
The Hockey Song
Jughead - . Canadian
Outside I'm a Giant - Point Comfort Canadian New
Jeremi Caron drops by the studio to chat about the release of their debut album and share new music!!

Outside I'm a Giant releases their debut album "Point Comfort" at The Black Sheep Inn, Sat. Oct 7th.
A Leverage for Mountains opens the show.
Blue Ford Bronco
Outside I'm a Giant - s/t Canadian New
I Still Want You
Tony Turner - Love and Other Attractions Canadian New

Tony Turner joins us by phone to tell us about settling into Nanaimo, BC on the left coast.
Interactive CKCU
Frank Smith
Claire is a beautiful song indeed!

11:32 AM, October 7th, 2017
Frank Smith
Ah, Fishing With Jim. Evocative song-craft.

11:40 AM, October 7th, 2017
Trish Bolechowsky (host)
Thanks for tuning in Frank! I hear your personal copy of Point Comfort is being hand delivered today!

11:57 AM, October 7th, 2017