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Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 20th, 2017 with Chris White
Margot Doucet, Mike Balfour, Manjit Basi, Ketcia Peters, Lisa Deacon, Cris Cuddy

Following "40 minutes of uninterrupted folk", Margot Doucet drops by to perform a few songs and tell us about upcoming events at the Mill Road Community Space, a lovely venue in Chelsea. Mike Balfour describes the long-standing positive relationship between people in the Gatineau Hills area and people in a needy community in Guatemala. We also hear from three people – Manjit Basi, Ketcia Peters and Lisa Deacon – who are involved in a participatory festival called "100in1day". The festival will take place on Saturday, June 3 and will feature numerous cictizen-led activities and "interventions" intended to make the city healthier, happier and more inspired, one small initiative at a time -- see for information. Later, we chat with singer-songwriter Cris Cuddy who plays at a venue called Batstone's Northern Ramble this evening.
Walking the Dog
Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole - 5 Strings Attached, No Backing - Vol. 1 Canadian
Rossignol Sauvage
Frida's Brow - The Shakey Mountain Sessions Canadian
Four Letter Word (for Lonesome)
Laura Smith - B'tween the Earth and My Soul Canadian
Sittin' in the Kitchen
Bob Snider - Caterwaul & Doggerel Canadian
Un Canadien Errant
Bill Garrett and Sue Lothrop - Red Shoes Canadian
Coal from the Train
Dave Gunning - No More Pennies Canadian
My Boyfriend
Oh Susannah - A Girl in Teen City Canadian New
The Uncle Song
Tom Lips - The Devil's Day Off Canadian
Dad's Time
Ali McCormick - Clean Water Canadian
Blue Heart
Sarah Bradley - The Carleton Collective Canadian
Rebecca Campbell & The Special Interest Group - YouTube Canadian
Let the River Run
Kim Doolittle - Into the Blue Canadian
John Allaire - South of Somewhere Canadian
Uke Talk
James Hill - A Flying Leap Canadian
Gracias a la vida
Margot Doucet - live in the studio Canadian
Gone Again
Claire Lynch - North By South Canadian
Choose Love
Eve Goldberg - A Kinder Season Canadian
My Old Man
Ron Hynes - Get Back Change Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Banjo Bonnie
I can't tell who is backing Arnie Naiman, Chris Coole or Chris White ? :)

10:05 AM, May 20th, 2017
JP Moisan
Hi, I'm hosting two artists that you might be interested in for your program on CKCU: So Long Seven from Toronto and Jay Atwill from Montreal. They are both playing Saturday June 10. SL7 at l'Avant-Première in Hull behind the Music Conservatory (after playing the night before at the Folk and Guitar Festival in Aylmer the night before) and Jay Atwill plays at the Folk and Guitar Festival in Aylmer on June 10 at 9:30pm. You'll find them both under Artists on my website You can also listen to Jay here: and So Long Seven on their website Thanks!

11:28 AM, May 22nd, 2017