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Canadian Spaces
Saturday February 11th, 2017 with Maria Hawkins and Chris White
Hot Penny Trio, Bob Nesbitt, Mike Leeworthy, Pat Moore

Maria Hawkins joins Chris White to co-host this week's show and perform live. Hot Penny Trio performs live in the studio. Bob Nesbitt drops by with a preview of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival (April 20-23) and news about a March 19th workshop he's running to help artists "pitch" themselves. Mike Leeworthy talks about a cigar box guitar building workshop he's facilitating. Pat Moore shares information about her Spirit of Rasputin's concert coming up at the Westboro Masonic Hall on Sat. Feb. 18 -- break a leg, Pat!
We All Just Wanna Be Loved
Scarlett Jane - Scarlett Jane Canadian
Holding On
The Small Glories - Wondrous Traveler Canadian
Winter's Tune
Genevieve and the Wild Sundays - Fine Line Canadian
Radiogenic - .
Just Keep Moving
Big Little Lions - In the Quieter Times Canadian
Long Lovely Love Affair
BTU - Tightrope Walk Canadian
Les caprices de ma fille
Musique à bouches - Jusqu’au oreilles Canadian
Red Wicked Wine
High Bar Gang - Someday the Heart Will Trouble the Mind Canadian
Paddy and the Stopwatch Gang
Norman Doucette - Dangerous Ground Canadian
Milk 'n Honey
Rosie & the Riveters - Good Clean Fun Canadian
Bury My Heart
Hillsburn - In the Battle Years Canadian
Feel Just Like Going On
Ken Whiteley & the Beulah Band - Ken Whiteley & the Beulah Band Canadian
This Time
Durham County Poets - Chikkaboodah Stew Canadian
Silent Cries
Hot Penny - live in the studio Canadian
Hot Penny - demo Canadian
Bike Between My Knees
Maria Hawkins - live in the studio Canadian
Wrong Train
Pat Moore - The Time's Never Been Better Canadian
Interactive CKCU
It's traditional for actors to wish each other 'break a leg' because of a superstitious inversion of logic. However, after Mary Walsh did literally break her leg when doing a run of one-woman shows at the GCTC, I have questioned the validity of that habit. So, Pat Moore, I hope you and the audience equally enjoy your upcoming concert!

10:43 AM, February 11th, 2017
Carmel Whittle
Great show thanks

12:04 PM, February 11th, 2017
Stormin Norman
hats off to you guys,,thanks

7:38 PM, February 12th, 2017