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Canadian Spaces
Saturday January 7th, 2017 with Chris White
Lynne Hanson

Here's the Facebook event for Dave Gunning house concerts in Ottawa on Tues. March 28 and Wed. March 29:
All the Diamonds in the World
Claire Lynch - North By South Canadian
Russ Kelley - In Plain Sight Canadian
The Way Home
Jen Lane and John Antoniuk - Jen and John Canadian
Ain't Life Sweet
Penny Lang - Ain't Life Sweet Canadian
Song for a Winter's Night
Quartette - Rocks and Roses Canadian
O bruit doux Doux de la pluie
Turkwaz - Nazar Canadian
We Stand on Common Ground
Shirley Eikhard - Stuck in the Groove Canadian
The Far Saskatchewan
Tom Lips - Made of Sky Canadian
Back on the Farm
Moore & McGregor - Dream with Me Canadian New
Gradient Graceful
West My Friend - Quiet Hum Canadian
These Hands
Dave Gunning - No More Pennies Canadian
My Baby Knows
Rick Fines - Out of the Living Room Canadian
Uneven Ground
Lynne Hanson - live in the studio Canadian
Counting Heartbeats
Lynne Hanson - live in the studio Canadian
This Time
Durham County Poets - Chikkaboodah Stew Canadian
The People You Love
Lynn Miles - . Canadian
Broken with You
Lynne Hanson - live in the studio Canadian
The Better Fight
Terry Tufts - . Canadian
Don't Let Me Die in Florida
Patty Griffin - .
Peace Call
Eliza Gilkyson - Land of Milk and Honey
Interactive CKCU
Ross McEwen
Burnstown is buzzing this week with the news that The Neat Cafe has been sold to three local guys who want to bring it back in all its former glory - coffee shop, cafe and music venue. Hoping for a March opening.

10:26 AM, January 7th, 2017
Lovely selections for a winter morning ... music to hibernate by, for those who get to stay in, on such a frigid morning.

10:33 AM, January 7th, 2017
Chris White (host)
That's excellent news, Ross. If you can track down someone to give us an update, ask them to phone 613-520-2528 at 11:30 am to give the Space Cadets an update!

10:42 AM, January 7th, 2017
Splendid music, theme, voices. This 40 minutes is such a spiritual lift Chris. Thanks.

10:44 AM, January 7th, 2017
Maryanne K
Great to hear the news re Neat Cafe! Thanks for the good news. Hope to see you there.

11:03 AM, January 7th, 2017
Chris, see the Neat's Fbook page, 3 owners names, no contacts. They maybe huddled trying like mad to make sense of what they've done and how to open. Keeping things simple in early days adds to the suspense... look at how we are all jumping up and down....

11:23 AM, January 7th, 2017
They may have media smarts~ they may have the Zen guide~ Maybe know CBC'S The Dead Dog Cafe guidelines: Stay strong, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs.

11:25 AM, January 7th, 2017
Steve Webster
Chris: I can't seem to find any contact info for the upcoming Dave Gunning concerts either on Facebook, or on Dave Gunning's website. Might it be possible to send out a reminder via facebook or on air. Thanks.

11:26 AM, January 7th, 2017
Thoughts listening to the show: Lynne, you should stay here on Goshen to be warm until spring. We have passive solar heat gain -ie windows facing south. We use no wood heat 9-3pm when the sun shines and it's almost hot here in the living room on sunny days,

11:31 AM, January 7th, 2017
Allan Brown
Thanks so much for listing the songs every week! Looking for that Woody Guthrie tune by Eliza Gilkyson.

2:07 PM, January 7th, 2017
Chris White (host)
The Facebook event for the Dave Gunning house concerts in Ottawa on Tues. March 28 and Wed. March 29 is

5:59 PM, January 7th, 2017