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Canadian Spaces
Saturday December 17th, 2016 with Andre Gagne and Chris White
Maria Hawkins, Graham Lindsay & Anna Ludlow, Aalya Ahmad & Mike Palecek (Apparatchiks), Rodney Norman & the "Just Voices" Peace and Environment Choir, Carolyn Coté (Arms of the Girl)

I Wish I Had a River
Joni Mitchell - Blue Canadian
Dream with Me
Moore & McGregor - Dream with Me Canadian New
Christmas in Washington
Steve Earle - . Canadian
At Last I'm Ready for Christmas
Stan Rogers - . Canadian
Get Me Through December
Natalie McMaster with Alison Krause - In My Hands Canadian
Christmas in Killarney
Anna Ludlow and Graham Lindsey - live in the studio Canadian
Auld Lang Syne
Anna Ludlow and Graham Lindsey - live in the studio Canadian
How to Make the Gravy
Paul Kelley - . Canadian
Cinnamon Smiles
Maria Hawkins - Christmas Platter Canadian
Canning Salmon
The Apparatchiks - live in the studio Canadian
Goodbye to This World
The Apparatchiks - live in the studio Canadian
White Wine in the Sun
Tim Minchin - . Canadian
Holiday Dinner Party
Rodney Norman - live in the studio Canadian
Christmas Shopping Carol
Just Voices - live in the studio Canadian
Calling You Out
Cee Côté - live in the studio Canadian
Holiday Road
Lindsay Buckingham - .
Interactive CKCU
I was at that concert hosted by Patrick Watson. I think the introduction included the info that Stan and his crew had made a hole in their American tour. I also clearly remember Stan asking for another chance after he'd muffed the lyrics again… I believe by that time he'd won the sympathy of the audience, and as an already-convinced fan I was doing my best to stir up applause for his efforts. Years later when I noticed that concert was to be rebroadcast, I was ready with the videotape to capture it. The song by Stan et al. was more blurred and fuzzy, as if people had been re-playing the video, perhaps to dub it.

10:27 AM, December 17th, 2016
Jim Mountain
a perfect way to spend a snowy Saturday morning , leg up recuperating from knee tunes and anecdotes are much appreciated !

10:29 AM, December 17th, 2016
Also during that Christmas concert Stan was singing the baritone part in a group performance of Good King Wenceslas. Unfortunately the soprano missed a note, and probably for that reason this excellent vocal track by Stan didn't make it to air. I was wishing that the CBC would get the soprano to reprise her role and insert the correct note, as would have been done by old-fashioned splicing of magnetic tape (remember those days? X-acto and magic tape on the back side). But it was not to be. I hope that somewhere this lovely version of the traditional carol featuring Stan might exist. Hope it was not just discarded 'on the cutting-room floor'...

10:31 AM, December 17th, 2016
For some reason "Logging Camp Christmas" is playing in my head… any chance this song might turn up again on CKCU? (Not sure whose song that is -- Alex Sinclair's?

10:33 AM, December 17th, 2016