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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday April 23rd, 2016 with Tonya Price and Chris White
Live from the Grassroots Festival

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Interactive CKCU
Re: handicapped folkies participating. Great inclusiveness. This reminds me I read years ago about a man with severe cerebral palsy who couldn't perform himself, but loved country music and managed to communicate songs he'd composed to a person who knew him well. If I remember this right the composer was Wayne Prongor (an unusual name). I can't remember the name of his friend, but that man had an album recorded with Wayne's songs that were performed by someone else. Because Wayne's music was in the country style I didn't look for it as I'm not a fan of that genre. But the story has stuck in my mind. It shows that each person has something in his or her heart that may need a bit of help to come out. Wondering whether the following show which is country focussed might know of that artist.

11:35 AM, April 23rd, 2016