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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday November 28th, 2015 with Alka Sharma and Chris White
DanahKae, Naming The Twins, Shirt Tearing Boys

Alka Sharma, Executive Director of the Folk Music Ontario organization, joins Chris White to co-host this edition of Canadian Spaces. DanahKae (Danah-Lee Krieger and Kae Roberts, drop by to chat and perform. Their new 6-song EP "Wishing For Easy" was produced by Anders Drerup. Nova Scotia-based musicians Laura Smith and Naming The Twins (Kathleen Glauser and Robbie Smith) join us in the studio to share some live music and talk about their concert at the new Mill Road Community Space in Chelsea this evening – see and
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Choosing songs for the playlist can be very's fun to have lyrics sharing contexts! similar to a serial comic...

10:26 AM, November 28th, 2015
Warren in Chelsea
So if the twins and Laura can sound this good this early, it promises to be a memorable evening in Chelsea!

11:30 AM, November 28th, 2015
Kathleen - Naming the Twins
Ahhh. Thank-you Warren in Chelsea! The Twins just finally got a chance to tune in to this episode and it brought back a flood of wonderful memories. Thanks to Chris for making it all possible.

10:53 PM, January 24th, 2016