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Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 19th, 2014 with Ann Downey and Chris White
Amelia Curran, Jack Pine, Bec & Rusty, Trish Murray, Troy Greencorn, Mitch Podolak.

Ann Downey joins Chris White to co-host today's show. Guests include Amelia Curran, Gareth Auden-Hole (Jack Pine), and Russell Levia and Rebecca Campbell (Bec & Rusty). Amelia leads a songwriting workshop at the Ottawa Folklore Centre from 1 to 3 this afternoon and plays the Black Sheep this evening. Bec & Rusty play Irene's on Friday, July 25. Troy Greencorn is the founder and producer of the Stan Rogers Festival Canso, NS which was cancelled this year due to a hurricane. CKCU host Trish Murray, who attempted to attend the festival, joins the discussion along with Mitch Podolak, founder of the Winnipeg and Vancouver Folk Festivals. As well, Chris shares some exciting news about plans to create a new community broadcasting, performing, recording and teaching complex inside the Folklore Centre building.
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Dean Verger
Good morning Chris, and crew, Sadly I will not be able to attend the Folklore Centre fundraising concert. I will be performing elsewhere that evening. Instead I have written a cheque for Arthur McGregor to help out his store. Store? Actually, more of an institution.

11:27 AM, July 19th, 2014
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