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Canadian Spaces
Saturday July 12th, 2014 with Anne Winship and Chris White
Joel LeBlanc, Clear, Chris Frye, Paul Hornbeck, Bill Garrett, Shannon Ross, Amir Amiri

Joel LeBlanc is the Artistic Director of the Stewart Park Festival which takes place in Perth from July 18 to 20, Wakefield-based musicians Sue Johnson & Christian Paterson, known as Clear, are in the studio to perform and chat. Chris Frye of The Bills talks about BillFest 2014 taking place at GCTC on Thursday, July 17. The event features The Bills and 3 other bands that have overlapping membership ( Other guests include banjoist Paul Hornbeck, Bill Garrett from Borealis Records, singer-songwriter Shannon Ross (Jupiter Ray Project), and Calgary-based Amir Amiri who plays BillFest on July 17.
Jupiter Ray Project - Morrison Heights Canadian
Take me to the Country
Jack Pelletier & the Battle of Ontario - Friends and Lovers Canadian New
Jack Rabbit
Shannon Ross - Jack Rabbit Canadian New
Land of Milk & Honey
Luther Wright & the Wrongs - Guitar Pickin' Martyrs Canadian
Life Boat (Song for Carolyn Mark)
NQ Arbuckle - The Future Happens Anyway Canadian
Runaway Heart
HiLoTrons - At Least There's Commotion Canadian
Pendulum Swings
Alise Marlane - Room for Less Canadian
wine song
Lindsay Ferguson - Sound Canadian
Sarah Polley - Sweet Hereafter soundtrack Canadian
Dance to your Daddy
Linda Miller - hearts at rest Canadian
Sheesham & Lotus - tbd Canadian New
Fiddleheads! - tbd Canadian
Cluck Old Hen
Paul Hornbeck - live in the studio Canadian
Frosty Morning
Paul Hornbeck - live in the studio Canadian
Amelia Curran - Spectators Canadian
Sweet Sweet Lies
Clear - live in the studio Canadian
The Next Train
Clear - live in the studio Canadian
After the Hurricane
Clear - live in the studio Canadian
to be continued... - .
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Dean Verger
What a lovely show this morning. Canadian Spaces is like comfort food on a Saturday morning. Thank-you Chris. It was lovely to hear Bill's voice drifting up from the depths of Montreal. As to the Ottawa Folklore Centre, I can say that Rasputin's would never have been without that music store/school. Arthur is an artist in his own right. Plus he supports his fellow artists through sales, and employment. Let their be joy in music,

11:21 AM, July 12th, 2014
Hi Shannon! Hi Chris! Sounding great!

11:51 AM, July 12th, 2014
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