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Canadian Spaces
Saturday May 24th, 2014 with Sneezy Waters and Chris White
David Essig, Vince Halfhide, Christina Marchant

David Essig from the "Left Coast" chats about his concert coming up at Irene's Pub on Wednesday evening, May 28 - see Vince Halfhide performs some songs and promotes some gigs. Award-winning singer-songwriter Christina Marchant shares her music and talks about her concert coming up at Mooney's Bay Bistro next Saturday afternoon, May 24th.
False Sir John (Child Ballad #4)
Jean Ritchie - .
When Death Comes Creeping in Your Room
Mance Liscombe - .
She's Like the Swallow
Alan Mills - . Canadian
You Will Be Loved Again
Mary Margaret O'Hara - . Canadian
By the Green Grove
Finest Kind - . Canadian
Black Woman
Inmates of Parcham Farm - .
Beer Drinking Polka
Flaco Jiminez and Max Baca - .
Lots of Fish in Bonavist' Harbour
Kenneth Peacock - . Canadian
Worker's Song
Dropkick Murphys - .
On Metcalfe Pond
David Woodhead - . Canadian
I'm in Love
Porkbelly Futures - . Canadian
Mac's Fancy + Give Me a Drink of Water
Rawlins Cross - . Canadian
Diamond Shine
Cris Cuddy - . Canadian
The Shoals of Herring
Ewan MacColl - . Canadian
Fearless Heart
Lynn Miles - Fall for Beauty Canadian
Bruce Cockburn in Japan
David Essig - Sequence Canadian
Tremble and Weep
David Essig - Tremble and Weep Canadian
Blue Ridge Sunday Morning
Christina Marchant - live in the studio Canadian
Let 'em Weep
Christina Marchant - live in the studio Canadian
Someday Soon
Judy Collins - Who Knows Where the Time Goes Canadian
Kingdom Come
Vince Halfhide - live in the studio Canadian
Cobalt Miner's Daughter
Vince Halfhide - live in the studio Canadian
Suffering for the Need of Love
Sneezy Waters - live in the studio Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Warren in Chelsea
Sneezy sure knows how to put over a song, so it's no surprise he knows how to pick 'em. Now let's hear Invitation to the Blues, if you can squeeze that in?

10:51 AM, May 24th, 2014
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Chris/Sneezy, Really enjoying the show this morning. If you grew up in Ottawa like I did, Sneezy's music and CKCU were a part of the soundtrack of your life! Nice to know that they are all still around! Way to go!

11:16 AM, May 24th, 2014
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