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Canadian Spaces
Saturday February 8th, 2014 with Lynn Miles and Chris White
Ashley Condon, Ben Sures, Planet Terry Gillespie

The Waking Hour
David Francey - The Waking Hour Canadian
The Farmer Is the Man
Pete Seeger - American Industrial Songs
Better Days Ahead
Amanda Rheaume - Light of Another Day Canadian
The Coldest Night of the Year
Bruce Cockburn - Inner City Front Canadian
Kapuskasing Coffee
JustinRutledge - Valleyheart Canadian
Bye Bye Montreal
Amelia Curran - Hunter Hunter Canadian
The Wilderness of Manitoba - Hymns of Love and Spirit Canadian
Signal Hill
Devin Cuddy Band - Vol.ume One Canadian
Heavy Train
Little Miss Higgins & the WInnipeg Five - Bison Ranch Sessions Canadian
There's Gold in Them Hills
Ron Sexsmith - ew Roots Classics Canadian