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Saturday Morning
Saturday April 2nd, 2022 with Pat Moore
A whole lotta lovin' Ottawa...

Good morning CKCU Saturday Morning Listeners! Today's show is chocked full of music, and a lot of it is made right here in Canada's capitol! Not all, but a lot, and it's all amazing. For my jazz set at the beginning we're taking a micro look at singer Anita O'Day then moving on to a little "stride" and "ragtime" music. That takes us to the middle of the first hour, then on to some great Canadian roots-style country. The carries into the second hour, and we leave Canada for a little while, but come back strong with a few cuts from HOROJO's new album, and old Doug McArthur song, and a Cat and tunes with Chris Landry to highlight the upcoming JOHN PRINE TRIBUTE CONCERT COMING UP APRIL 8 AT IRENE'S PUB, including a few John Prine tracks as well. Hour 3 - you'll hear more about what's going on in Ottawa, including Greg Kelly's CD release tonight, April 2; Bluegrass Mondays; the Ottawa Grassroots Festival April 22-24, and another show not to miss... Pat Moore & The Vinyl Frontier - after a few years away we're back to play Irene's on Saturday April 23 9 - 11:30. It's going to be "epic".
used for show intro
Fats Waller - Happy Birthday Fats
Trav'lin' Light
Anita O'Day - The Big Band Sessions
Lover Come Back to Me
Anita O'Day - The Big Band Sessions
Crazy He Calls Me
Anita O'Day - The Big Band Sessions
Load of Cole
Grant Simpson - Stride and True Canadian
Honeysuckle Rose
Fats Waller - Happy Birthday Fats
Love Letters in the Sand
Leon Redbone - Live Canadian
Scott Bradlee - Live on Youtube
Nathan Evans - Live on Youtube
Second half of Hour 1 - let's go country!
You Win Again
Ball and Chain - Trouble all the Time Canadian
Best Day Ever
Kristine Schmitt - Good Dirt Canadian
Take me to the Mountain
Corin Raymond - Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams Canadian
Till I Gain Control Again
Georgette - In My Wildest Dreams Canadian
If My Luck Ran Out
The Layrite Bros - The Layrite Boys Canadian
Blues in My Heart
Petunia and the Vipers - Lonesome Heavy and Lonesome Canadian
Spookin' the Horses
Fred Eaglesmith - Lipstick, Lies, and Gasoline Canadian
From a Jack to a King
Russel Levia - The Wayward Wind Canadian
Hour 2
Tom House - Winding Down the Road Canadian
She Teases Me
Anders Drerup - Songs for the Common Man Canadian
Heart of the Dreamer
Steve Martin & Edie Brickell - So Familiar
Better Times Will Come
Janis Ian - The Light at the End of the Line
Is This All There Is?
Nancy Griffith - Blue Roses from the Moon
Lovin' Her Was Easier
Waylon Jennings - The Essential Waylon Jennings
Like a Movie Star
Freddy Powers - My Great Escape
I Don't Care Anymore
Freddy Powers - The Country Jazz Singer Collectors Edition
Man of Steel
Horojo - Set the Record Canadian New
The Night
Horojo - Set the Record Canadian New
Don't You Believe
Doug McArthur - Letters from the Coast Canadian
Interview with Chris Landry about the upcoming John Prine tribute concert, April 9 at Irene's pub featuring an awesome band and a stellar cast of guests - proceeds going to Cornerstone Home for Women.
Please Don't Bury Me
Chris Landry - Live in the Studio Canadian
Speed of the Sound of Lonliness
John Prine - An Anthology
A Star, A Jewel, and a Hoax
John Prine - The Singing Postman Delivers
Wander My Way Home
Jesse Winchester - Gentlemen of Leusure Canadian
Hour 3
Protection From the Storm
Greg Kelly - Hearts Collide Canadian New
No Intention
Seasick Moma's - single Canadian
Seasick Moma's - Single Canadian New
You're the One that I Want
The Big Train Wreck - Derailed Canadian New
Playing Chicken
The Big Train Wreck - Derailed Canadian New
Sailor's Lament
Tim Burns - Stories and Heroes Canadian New
My Wild Irish Rose
Dorothy Goudbout (Fiddler) - Canadian New
Leaving Came Easy
Shawna Caspi - Hurricane Coming Canadian New
Floating Face Down
Kate Weekes and James Stephens - single Canadian New
Someday Soon
The Barell Boys - Cold Spring Canadian
Foolish Questions
Blue Mule - Blue Mule Canadian
Megan Jerome - Megan Jerome Canadian
Bleeding Eyes
Joe Mcdonald - single Canadian New
Cold Hearted Man
The Vinyl Frontier - Take it to Heart Canadian
A Star, A Jewel, and a Hoax
John Prine - The Singing Postman
For On Demand Listeners only…. An encore!
You Don't Know Me
Pat Moore & the Vinyl Froniter - Take it to Heart Canadian
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Great show Pat.

8:54 AM, April 2nd, 2022
Pat Moore (host)
Thanks Randy!

9:13 AM, April 2nd, 2022
what a delightful morning of the fine, kind, Musique oh my! merci

9:19 AM, April 2nd, 2022
Pat Moore (host)
Thank you gentlegypsie! Have a great day.

9:26 AM, April 2nd, 2022
excellent playlist this morning - some old ones my dad used to sing (From a Jack to a King) - thank you Pat!!

9:56 AM, April 2nd, 2022
Pat Moore (host)
Thanks Guy! Happy to hear it. :)

11:42 AM, April 2nd, 2022
Whole show in bed!;-) Was tres cool...

8:41 PM, April 2nd, 2022
Pat Moore (host)
hahaha, thanks Hillbilly! Whole show in bed...hope you are not sick.

9:54 AM, April 4th, 2022