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Saturday Morning
Saturday June 26th, 2021 with Pat Moore
Replay of the Mike O'Reilly retrospective.

Mike O'Reilly died this past month. In homage of his great talent, and by popular request I am replaying the Mike O'Reilly Retrospective from March 6, 2021. RIP to a great musician, comedian, actor, and friend. I am honoured to preset a radio documentary/retrospective on one of the most talented and versatile performers around - he's an actor, voice over actor, comedian, and songwriter and all round musician and entertainer - I'm referring to Mike O'Reilly. You may know him as a bluegrass master, or Cecil Wiggins, or Melody Mike Cantrell of the Radio Kings, or Bolt Upright of the doo-wop rock band back in the late 70's... You'll hear guys like Paul Faubert, Vince Brooks, Les Emerson, John Partridge, Garry Greenland, Ray Legere, Dick Smith, Don Marcotte, Al Bragg...and of course, Mike himself. Join me from 7am to 10am for this 3 hour special on Saturday March 6, 2021. 93.1FM CKCU.
as per March 6 2021
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Peter bunnett
I am assuming this is an award winning program. Really beautiful and so much humanity on show. Thanks Pat for such a thoughtfully edited and curated piece.

9:55 AM, June 26th, 2021
Pat Moore (host)
Wow, thank you Peter! I don't know that there are any awards it would qualify for, but I love and appreciate your sentiment. Thanks. Made my day.

11:27 AM, June 26th, 2021