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Saturday Morning
Saturday October 27th, 2018 with Stephen Neale
Funding Drive 2018

The program today features some of the better tracks that I have played over the past year as I make the case for your contribution to CKCU-FM: Volunteer-driven, listener-supported, community-based radio!
Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub - Blood and Fire (1994; Arta Records 1974)
Satta Massagana
The Abyssinians - Forward - Alligator (1982; first appeared in 1976)
Come Home Little Children
Bingie Barker - Dimensions - Independent Canadian
Loves Way
Garnet Challenger - Loves Way - Carib Records (2018) Canadian
Land of Sunshine
Beres Hammond - Never Ending - VP Records (2018) New
Gregory Isaacs - Mr. Isaacs - Shananchie
Another Scorcher
The Tennors - 7" Single - Big Shot (1969)
Blue Bossa
Joe Henderson - Page One - Blue Note (1963)
Will You Sing
Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth - Young Turks (2018)
Mambo Rapidito
Orquesta Akokán - Orquesta Akokán - Daptone Records (2018)
Teddy Afro - Ethiopia - Teddy Afro (2017)
Iyo Utegereza
Igor Magbano - Digital Single - Kina Music (2018)
Justin Rendell featuring Quiana Lynell - Digital Single - Matchbox Ent. (2016)
Waiting on my Ride
Spiritual Wonders - Seekin'the Lord
Knee Bone
Ranky Tanky - Ranky Tanky - Resilience Music Alliance (2017)
Even Now
Walter 'Wolfman' Washington featuring Irma Thomas - My Future is My Past - Anti- (2018)
We've Come Too Far To Turn Around
Charles Lloyd and The Marvels featuring Lucinda Williams - Vanished Gardens - Blue Note (2018)
Who Did You Leave For Me
Molly Parden - Digital Single - Molly Parden / Tone Tree Music (2018)
No Longer Yours
Emily Shepherd - The Carleton Collective - Carleton Sounds (2017) Canadian
Sweet Old Religion
Pharis and Jason Romero - Sweet Old Religion - Lula Records (2018) Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Dial & Donate at 613-520-3920 or online like Myself & others have already done at Show your support for Saturday morning & CKCU!

7:08 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Here we go....

7:28 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Kenneth and Cheryl have made a donation... Thank you!!!

7:31 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
So too has Liam Tyrell! Thank you, Liam!! And, Shirley has jumped into the mix. Thank you, Shirley!!

7:32 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
We have an anonymous plede that has come in too, thank you so much.... We are now at $375... for the program!

7:40 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Plenty of people are up early this morning! Eileen has made a pledge: Thank you! So too has George, thank you sir! And Bill E! Thank you so much... We are at $460...

7:47 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Ron Moores - host of the Back 40 - has pledged! Thank you Ron (Go Dodgers!). And, another show host, Trish from the Brew has pledged too. Thank you, Trish!...

7:59 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Anna, a name I recognize from previous drives, has made a donation! Thank you, Anna! And so too has Alrick & Roberta.... Thank you! We are at $%60.... Let's keep going!

8:16 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
John M has made his voice heard. Thank you John M!!! So too has Moyra, well she has made here voice heard. Thank you, Moyra! That takes us too $670!!

8:28 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Thank you to Dennis and Pat for you generous pledge! And to Barry T as well! Thank you, Barry... This takes us up to $795... Can we get to $1,000 by 9AM???

8:45 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
More donations and pledges are coming in....

8:55 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Wow! Thank you to Pat (check out Frou Frou by Pat in the Byward Market!!). Thank you too to Donald L. Thank you so much. Jeff R has donated.... Jeff, Thank you!! And Mark has donated too.... Thank you Mark. We are at $945...

9:01 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Okay, so, Mathieu has donated!! (And, I had to make a positive reference to Arsenal....). Thank you, Mathieu. And, speak of the devil.... Rusty Tack has donated too.... We are at $1145....

9:15 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
More have come in.... Bruce from the Bytowne has made a donation. Thank you, Bruce!! Allan Wigney too. Thank you Wig! And, Carmela has made another donation this year (I hope all is well!)... This takes us to ... Wait, I need to check the math....

9:25 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
David Longbottom, a friend, and owner of Flora Hall Brewing has called in with a donation too. Thank you David!!

9:33 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
We are at $2344... Is $3000 in the cards.... ???

9:34 AM, October 27th, 2018
Stephen Neale (host)
Mary added her voice too... Thank you Mary! Total seems to be around $2400. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!

10:29 AM, October 27th, 2018