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Saturday Morning
Saturday June 18th, 2016 with Alan Surmachynski
Longer Days,Shorter Nights

Some of the musical styles you can expect to hear this morning,folk, blues, jazz,ska, soul, country & bluegrass.
Cinderpop - Thier Skies are Beatiful Canadian
After the dust
Honeyman & The Brothers Farr - Behind The Viel, Behind The Viel Canadian
Let me put my suitcase down
Andrew Ethier - Andrew Ethier Canadian
30,000 Days
Hell Billys - Hell Billys Canadian
One kind of favour
Mr. Rick - ......Sings about God & Booze Canadian
Lament for Lestor Cousins
Corb Lund - Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier Canadian
Bigger fish to fry
C R Avery - The Great Canadian Novel Canadian
Foolish question
Jackie Washington - Keeping Out of Mischief Canadian
Don't get round much anymore
Rob McConnell The Boss Brass - Dont Get Round Much Anymore Canadian
Ain't nowwhere (Carolyn Grey) 1946
Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - That Drummers Band
Do it 1972
John Mayall - Moving On
Little red rooster
Rolling Stones - Flashpoint
I know what I've got
Dr. John - After Glow
Eary in the morning 1991
Buddy Guy - Damn right, I've got the blues
The ballad of E,A. Partridge
B. D. Willoughby - The Qu'Appelle Valley Canadian
Campfire light
Ian Tamblyn - Through The Years (1976=92) Canadian
Morning Train
David Francy - The Waking Hour Canadian
Sweet Lellanie
The Mai Tai Orchestra - I Found My Wahine Canadian
Over the rainbow
Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole - Alone in Iz World
It Mek
Desmond Dekker - The Best of.......
Enna Bella
Eric Monty Morris - The Streets of Ska
My Landlady
Lord Kitchner - London is the Place for Me
I belong to the band
Mavis Staple - You are Not Alone
I can feel love
Felice Taylor - For Dancers Forever
Mojo Hanna
Little Ester Phillips - Blues & Soul Power
Won't you let me go
Buckwheat Zydeco - On Track
Le retour a la terre
Plume Latraverse - Les plus pires succes de...... Canadian
That's where my baby feels at home
George Strait - Easy Come Easy Go
(We're not) The jet set
John Prine - In Spite of Ourselves
Old Crow
Chris Maclean - Procrastinator Canadian
Radio Song
Birdie Whyte - You Tube Canadian
No Deal
Townes Van Zant - The Highway Kind
Memories of Mother & Dad
Alice Gerrard - Calling me Home & Loss
I'll never say goodbye
Dolly Parton - Hungry Again
Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel
Six days on the road
Dick Nolan - Truck Driving Man Canadian
I'm gonna ride to heaven onsteamed lined train
Wilf Carter - The Best of....... Canadian
Claim Jumper 1974
Johnnie Whisnant - Johnnie Whisnant
York County Breakdown
The York County Boys - A Bluegrass Legend Canadian
Right between the eyes 1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 4 Way Street
Pink Moon 1972
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Don't think twice it's all right 1963
Bob Dylan - The Freeweelin
Big Bad Bill (is sweet William now)
Van Halen - Diver Down
Interactive CKCU
Professor Mike
Great way to wake up for a Saturday Morning

8:31 AM, June 18th, 2016
Tim A
Hi Al, Teresa and Chris! It was lovely to turn on the radio to hear Old Crow followed by both of your voices. Paugan Dames are great.

9:05 AM, June 18th, 2016
Alan Surmachynski (host)
Thanks Tim !

9:19 AM, June 18th, 2016