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Saturday Morning
Saturday September 26th, 2015 with Pat Moore

Good morning! It's a beautiful autumn morning - hope you get a chance to take advantage of the cool air. This morning we'll start off with a little Nina Simone, and a few other pieces from the jazz repertoire, then move on to many eclectic choices. Stick around, carry us in your pocket if your out and about.
Listen to how smooth Nina's voice is, how purely she hits her notes. She was a wonder, gone far too early.
Don't Smoke in Bed
Nina Simone - Gold - Universal
Take Me to the Water
Nina Simone - Gold - Universal
Squeeze Me
Bessie Smith - Giants of Jazz - Time Life
Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town
Bessie Smith - Giants of Jazz
Mississippi God Damn
Nina Simone - Gold
BAby Won't You PLease Come Home
Lionel Hampton - The Complete Lionel Hampton - Bluebird
Everybody Loves My Baby
Lionel Hampton - Complete Lionel Hampton
After You're Gone
Lionel Hampton - Complete Lionel Hampton
Sjef Frenken - Songs to WAlter de la Mare Canadian
Sjef Frenken - Songs to WAlter de la Mare Canadian
Sjef Frenken - Songs to WAlter de la Mare Canadian
A Sailr Courted a Farmer's Daughter - After the Tempetst
Figgy Duff - Retrospective 1974-1993 Canadian
MacDonnell on the Heights
Stan Rogers - From Fresh Water Canadian
Let Me Fly
Penny Lang - Stone +Sand+Sea+Sky Canadian
My Last Go Round
Penny Lang - Stone +Sand+Sea+Sky Canadian
Shadows on the Water
Garnett Rogers - at the Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, Mass., on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014 - Youtube Canadian
Letter to Laredo
Joe Ely - Letter to Laredo
UP Next...Ottawa's own Silver Creek. You can see Silver Creek live today (Sat Sept 26) at Neat in the Woods. can catch their lead singer, my buddy Shawn Tavenier at A Great Night Out, a singer/songwriter song circle of Megan Jerome. Tyler Kealey, Shawn, and myself on Oct 3rd at the NAC 4th STage
Into the Blue
Silver Creek - Prince and Kings Canadian
Lie Down
The Good Lovelies - Good Lovelies Canadian
The Good Lovelies - Good Lovelies Canadian
HYMN for he Unsung
The Steel Wheels - Red Wing Canadian
Hurtin' Albertan
Corb Lund - MT Canadian
Forever, Now and Then
Clem Snide - Soft Spot
Long Days Done
The Weber Brothers - The Weber Brothers
I Don't Need a Gun
The Weber Brothers - The Weber Brothers
My Innocence
Laura Nyro - LIve from nountain stage
And When I Die
Laura Nyro - LIve from nountain stage
Bird on a Wing
Connie Kaldor - Moonlight Grocery Canadian
Buddy's Girl
Mark Evenchick - Incident at the Hang Dog Saloon Canadian
Foolish Pride
Cooper MacLaren - Roaming Still Canadian
Blackbird Bye Bye
Jenna Glatt - Connected Canadian
Crescent Moon
Tom LIps - Practical Man Canadian
Craig Cardiff - Floods & Fires Canadian
Story of Rose
Heather Lynn Song - flowers and stuff Canadian
Megan Jerome - Megan Jerome Canadian
Classical Gas
Geoff Mroz - Geoff Mroz demo Canadian
Permanent Wave
Chris White - MT Canadian
Swing the Hammer Down
John Allaire - MT Canadian
Smoke and Mirrors.
Tyler Kealey - MT
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Pat down here in Seadrift & thru all the Texas Gulf Coast doesn't feel pretty autumn at all still feels like summer more then autumn at least not right now but it's beautiful none the less!:}

7:44 AM, September 26th, 2015
Professor Mike
Good Morning and even though its chilly outside here in Ottawa a great show for a Saturday Morning

7:52 AM, September 26th, 2015
heather lynn song
thanks for playing my song Pat! cheers, heather lynn song

9:53 AM, September 26th, 2015
Debbie Ferren
Great song by Heather Lynn Song!!

11:26 AM, September 26th, 2015