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Saturday Morning
Saturday May 31st, 2008 with Gord Peeling

Meanwhile Back in L.A.
Lenny Breau - Last Sessions - Genes Canadian
The Proposal
Marc Atkinson Trio - III - Warner Music Canadian
I Got Rhythm
Oscar Peterson - Piano Power - Debut - Proper Canadian
Nigh and Day
Peerie Willie Johnson - Willie's World - Greentrax
The Real Rapscallion
The Creaking Tree Quartet - The Creaking Tree Quartet - self Canadian
Ready for the Storm
Mary Murphy - Three Hand Reel - self Canadian
Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite
Ross Kennedy - Scottish Voice & Acoustic Guitar - Greentrax
Panther Rag
Earl 'Fatha' Hines - That's A Plenty - Membran
Good Morning Stranger
Harry Manx - Dog My Cat - Dog My Cat Canadian
La Bourree des Crepes
Danielle Martineau - Les Secrets du Vent - Bros Canadian
Pretty Runs Out
Amanda Shaw - Pretty Runs Out - Rounder New
Little Sadie
J.P. Cormier - Take 5: A Banjo Collection - Flash Canadian
News From Up the Street
Anne Lindsay - News From Up the Street - Violindsay Canadian
My True Love
Mary Kathleen Burke - A Song in Her Heart - Greentrax
Cornbread and Beans
Sheesham & Lotus - Old Time Fiddle & Banjo - self Canadian
Harrison and Brady
Kieron Means - Far As My Eyes Can See - Fellside
Doney Gal
Jeff Davis - Some Fabulous Yonder - self
Darling Little Girl
Dyad - No Peddlers or Preachers - self Canadian
I Wish I Could Write a Love Song
Danny Spooner - Years of Spooner - self
Jackson Stomp
Duck Baker - There's Something For Everyone in America - SGGW New
Ugly Duckling
Dave Evans - Contemporary Guitar Workshop - SGGW New
Yonder Comes the Blues
Son House - Country Blues Guitar (various) - SGGW New
Atlanta Rag
Ton Van Bergeyk - Famous Ragtime Guitar Solos - SGGW New
Pig Meat Strut
Stefan Grossman & Tokio Uchida - Bermuda Triangle Exit - SGGW New
Awkward Annie
Kate Rusby - Awkward Annie - Pure
Joey Wright - Jalopy - Black Hen Canadian
Dear Tobacco
The Boat Band - A Trip to the Lakes - Harbour Town
Tribute to Bruce 'Utah' Phillips 1935 - 2008
Casey Jones - The Union Scab
Utah Phillips - We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years - Philo
Lawrence/ Bread & Roses
Utah Phillips & Ani Difranco - Fellow Workers - Righteous Babe
The Charge on Mother Jones
Utah Phillips & Rosalie Sorrels - The Long Memory - Red House
Natural Resources
Utah Phillips & Ani Difranco - The Past Didn't Go Anywhere - Righteous Babe
Union Burying Ground
Utah Phillips - We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years - Philo
Nor More Reds/Wobbly Doxology
Utah Phillips & Rosalie Sorrels - The Long Memory - Red House
End of Utah Phillips Tribute
Pitter Patter
Nappy Brown - The R & B Years 1955 V.2 - Boulevard
Spider's Web
Tab Smith - The R & B Years 1955 V.2 - Boulevard
Red Hot
Billy Emerson - The R & B Years 1955 V.2 - Boulevard
Chicken in the Basket
Billy Bland - The R & B Years 1955 V.2 - Boulevard
Mary Lou
Young Jessie - The R & B Years 1955 V.2 - Boulevard
Rumba Compadres
Compadres - Buddy Where You Been? - self Canadian
I Will Be Here
Suzie Burke & David Surette - When the Small Birds Sweetly Sing - Madrina New
Les Batinses - L'autre Monde - Mille-Pattes Canadian
I Still Believe in England
Queensbury Rules - Landlocked - Fellside New
Princess Royal
Gordon Quinton - The Yellow Sky - Woodnight Canadian