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Tha New Journey
Friday February 11th, 2011 with Dj Ducats, DJ Rudeboy & Bigstuff
"Straight Hip Hop, Still No Fluff!!"

Hello... hip hop... Hello. Hi, guy.
Going Back
1982 ft. Cassy 7 Xzibit - MP3 New
Gun & Roses
Styles P - MP3 New
Ghostface - MP3 New
Tiger Style Crane
Redman - MP3 New
Rockin' Wit Da Best
Redman - MP3 New
The Greatest Story Never Told
Saigon - MP3 New
Be Right
Nas - MP3 New
Ghostface - MP3 New
Ringling Bros
Bathgate ft. Cassidy - MP3 New
We Slid
Papoose - MP3 New
Papoose - MP3
Did It On Me
Nicky Minaj - MP3 New
Hustle Hard (rmx)
Ace Hood ft. Maino - MP3 New
Kanye West ft. Jay-Z - MP3 New
9 Piece
Rick Ross ft. T.I. - MP3 New
Beast Mode
B.O.B - MP3 New
25th Hour
Reks - MP3 New
Tiger Style Crane
Redman - MP3 New
NFC Championship
Nick Javas ft. Lupe Fiasco - MP3 New
In Tha Park
Ghostface - MP3 New
Double Dosage (Chapter 2)
Thirstin Howl the 3rd Ft. Meyhem Lauren & J-Love - MP3 New
Point Of View
Torae - MP3 New
6'7' Freestyle
Peedi Crakk - MP3 New
Yesterday's Paper
Via Linez ft. Pig (of E.T.F.) - MP3 Canadian New
Slow Down
Famous ft. Rich Kidd - MP3 Canadian New
Old 2003 Ferrari
50 Cent - MP3 New
Malcolm & Martin - MP3 New
D-Sisive - MP3 Canadian New
Sporadic - MP3 Canadian New