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Tha New Journey
Friday April 18th, 2014 with DJ 2 Creamz & Elly from Eventful Capital
D.O. aka Defy the Odds (Interview)

Hosts DJ 2 Creamz and Elly from Eventful Capital got the 411 from Canadian/International artist, community figure, and Guinness World Record holder D.O. aka Defy the Odds (Northstarr Entertainment), and aired exclusives off his upcoming album "Down Home" that drops on Apr. 22. Stay in the loop with updates, features, events from DJ 2 Creamz and his show, The Mix, on air Thursday overnights on CKCU 2am-6am EST: ----- Connect with D.O. ----- Connect with Eventful Capital -----
Peaceful Journey
Heavy D & The Boyz - -
Big Dreams
Flex The Antihero - - Canadian New
Guzo Lou Ft. Junia-T - - Canadian New
Rude Lady
Jape Ft. Imadh B - - Canadian New
DJ Slam - - Canadian New
A Million
Sawbuck Ft. Atherton - - Canadian New
Party Over
D.O. - Down Home Canadian New
Grown Ass Man
D.O. Ft. J-Bru - Down Home Canadian New
Down Home
D.O. Ft. Chad Hatcher - Down Home Canadian New
Capture the Moonlight
D.O. Ft. Saukrates & Joell Ortiz - Down Home Canadian New
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
D.O. - Down Home Canadian New
D.O. Ft. Spesh K - Down Home Canadian New
Neph Ft. Prevail - - Canadian New
Relic - - Canadian New
Swollen Members Ft. Snak The Ripper - - Canadian
Stress Free
City Fidelia - - Canadian New
Poor Boy (Remix)
Shaun Boothe Ft. Kardinal Offishal - Waiting Room Canadian
Final Offering - A Tribute
Eternia Ft. pHoenix Pagliacci - - Canadian
Goliath PAW - Canary In A Coal Mine Canadian New
The Airplane Boys - Egos & Expectations Canadian New
Blak Denim - - Canadian
The Movement
ANTIKS - - Canadian
Air Play
DL Incognito - - Canadian
Yours For One Night
NDMA - - Canadian New
Let It Go
Tasha The Amazon - - Canadian New
Got My Cash Up
Cashtro Crosby - - Canadian New