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Friday Drive
Friday February 5th, 2021 with Trevor Walker
[Black History Month "Music for & About The Struggle"]

This week we take a ride down memory lane and a listen to the music coming out in support of the African American civil rights movement in the US mostly from the 1970's with selections from the greats like Nina Simone Gil Scott-Heron and The Last Poets to name a few. This set was conceived a number of years ago in celebration of Black History month and you may recognize some of the music from past shows. Thought it was a good fit for the first Friday Drive of February. Enjoy!
Strange Fruit
Nina Simone -
Is It Because I'm Black
Syl Johnson -
The Liberation Song (Red, Black & Green)
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson -
The Liberation Song (Red, Black & Green)
Natasha Daya feat Gary Bartz - New
Freedom Suite
Young Disciples -
When The Revolution Comes
The Last Poets -
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Gil Scott-Heron -
Super People
The Notations -
Damn Right I Am Somebody
Fred Wesley & The JBs -
Keep On Stepping
The Fatback Band -
end of first broadcast hour
Things Ain't Right
Queen Esther Marrow -
We're A Winner
The Impressions -
Funky President
James Brown -
Respect Yourself (single version)
The Staple Singers -
Be Black Baby
Grady Tate -
Oh My People
Last Poets -
Yo Tink It Sorf
Lancelot Layne -
Let My People Go
Jack McDuff -
I Am Somebody
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds -
Fight The Power (Part 1 & 2)
The Isley Brothers -
What About You (In The World Today)
Co Real Artists -
Nation time
The Ebonys -
We The People
Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers -
Revolution (Parts 1 & 2)
Nina Simone -
Interactive CKCU
Respect to the selecta!!! Happy Black History month!!!

11:42 AM, February 5th, 2021
Happy Black History Month! I luv it every yr...learn stuff never taught in school!

12:09 PM, February 5th, 2021
Jas Nasty
Yes Trevor! Hugs & love

5:13 PM, February 5th, 2021
WOW! This chases the Pandamn Covid Blues away! Thanks! Stay safe!

5:21 PM, February 5th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
Happy Friday Jefferson, hillbilly & Jas Nasty! Thanks for chiming in and tuning in always appreciated!

5:45 PM, February 5th, 2021
robert p in gatineau
It's a groove, with fringe benefits. Thanks. Live to learn to love, Ziggi Marley.

6:30 PM, February 5th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
Love it robert p! Thanks for tuning in & checking in.

6:33 PM, February 5th, 2021
Awesome show Trevor!

6:40 PM, February 5th, 2021
thank you Trevor!

6:49 PM, February 5th, 2021
Heavy Ben
One love, one blood

6:54 PM, February 5th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
Thank you Candace! Mikep thank you for tuning & chiming in! Heavy Ben seeen!

6:57 PM, February 5th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
Thanks to you all for tuning in and let's meet back here next week at 17h EST!

6:58 PM, February 5th, 2021
Ain't white, I'm light-skinned
For those who don't know, Grady Tate's voice is synonymous with the wicked visual experience that is Brian De Palma's 1970 film, Hi, Mom! If you haven't seen this flick (starring a young Robert De Niro no less!) do yourself a favour, light up tha broccoli, and check it here at this youtizzle link b4 it's jacked:

9:10 AM, February 6th, 2021
We all bleed purple-green
And ”Be Black Baby” comes in @ 32:00 mark

11:14 AM, February 6th, 2021
Trevor Walker (host)
@Ain't white, I'm light-skinned, "Hi, Mom!" is a great pic! Thanks for the recommendation and taking the time.

8:50 AM, February 7th, 2021