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Friday Drive
Friday November 27th, 2020 with Trevor Walker
"Loco Can Con"

Nicky Brodie - Dream a Dream of You Album Canadian
Dream a Dream of You
Nicky Brodie - Dream a Dream of You Album Canadian
New Reality
Miguel Graça Presents Soulnotmind - Shining Stars Album - Bombay Records (2001) Canada Canadian
Witch Project - DNA Activation Album - (2020) Canada Canadian
Witch Project - DNA Activation Album - (2020) Canada Canadian
Sinking The 8th Ball In Zaire
Beats On Canvas - Beats On Canvas Album Canadian
Après, Le Déluge
Cinephonic - Les Paradis Artificiel Album - Marlow (2020) Canada Canadian New
Black Orchid
The Souljazz Orchestra - Inner Fire Album - Strut (2014) Europe Canadian
Vox Sambou - Eritaj Album - (2018) Canada Canadian
El Muro
Phil Motion - Single - (2020) Canada Canadian New
Único (Featuring Lido Pimentia)
Boogat - El Dorado Sunset Album - (2013) Canada Canadian
Change Our Ways
Rise Ashen - Earth Dragon Album - Fossilfeul Recordings (2002) Canada Canadian
Kalakuta Show
Afrodizz - Single - Freestyle Records (2003) UK Canadian
end of first broadcast hour
The Battle
DJ Serious - Required Listening V/A Album - Do Right! Music (2003) Canada Canadian
Rommel Ribeiro Enrico Lima - Chui Cace Demo EP - (20??) Canada Canadian
Head To Head
Wicked Lester - Wicked Album - Nettwerk (2003) Canada Canadian
Amai Kuda - Sand from the Sea Album - (20??) Canada Canadian
Golden Frenchman
The Chocolate Hot Pockets - The Filthy Chapter Album - London Gentlemen Records (2012) Canada Canadian
Theme From Selva
Quantic - Single - Selva Recording ‎ (2020) US/UK New
Silla and Rise - Galactic Gala Album - Fossilfeul Recordings (2019) Canada
Free To Be
Basic Soul Unit - Free To Be Album - (2020) Canada Canadian New
The Trip
Moonstarr & Etan Thomas - Single - Public Transit Recordings (2020) Canada Canadian New
Realm of KAPS
K.M. Formula - Bassic Tension Vol. 1 - Bassic Records ‎ (1991) Canadian
Frederico Y Vincenzo - LZD XV-I - 15 Years of Lazy Days PT1 : 2005-2010 - Lazy Days (2020) Canada Canadian New
Miguel Graça Presents Soulnotmind - Shining Stars Album - Bombay Records (2001) Canada Canadian
The Souljazz Orchestra - Uprooted Album - Funk Manchu Records (2005) Canada Canadian
end of on air broadcast
on demand exclusively below
Reachin' Higher
Slim Moore And The Mar-Kays - Introducing Slim Moore And The Mar-Kays Album - Marlow Records (2011) Canada Canadian
Free Radical
Cravo & Canela - Free Radical Album - Trigger Recording (2004) Canada Canadian
John Akpata - Kerheb Album - (20??) Canada Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Trevor Walker (host)
TGIF Drive! Welcome and enjoy a mostly red maple mix tape of some "Loco Can Con"! Happy listening!

3:56 AM, November 27th, 2020
Heavy Ben

5:27 PM, November 27th, 2020
Hi Trev!

5:42 PM, November 27th, 2020
Jas Nasty
Had not heard that Boogat Lido track! Enjoying the show while i do a workout!!

5:49 PM, November 27th, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Hey Ben! Hi Candace! Hey Jas, I wish I was working out! Thanks for tuning in and saying hi all.

6:38 PM, November 27th, 2020
robert p in gatineau
Cool selection of tunes. Wide-ranging. Thanks. I heard the DJ set on Lost In Bass... Wicked.

6:47 PM, November 27th, 2020
Chris Int’l

6:50 PM, November 27th, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Hey robert p, glad to hear you're enjoying today's show and thank you for checking out the "Lost in Bass" 250. Cheers!

6:50 PM, November 27th, 2020
Great music! I believe the artists Witch Project should be Witch Prophet. Great stuff.

1:35 PM, November 28th, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Hey Chris Int'l thanks for tuning in! Brett I agree the album is very cool glad you enjoyed it.

8:11 AM, November 30th, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Thank you everyone who took the time to check out the show!

8:12 AM, November 30th, 2020
Dirt Yogurt
That stretch from Silla & Risa to Miguel Graca was "Too" dopalicious; sounds like the Qullupilluk got a hold of the controls for that "Free Radical" ending. Wicked as that was, it made John Akpata's sobering message all the more impactful, leaving us with thoughts to ponder until next Friday & beyond...

4:11 AM, December 1st, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Dirt Yogurt 👊

4:00 PM, December 5th, 2020