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Friday Drive
Friday March 6th, 2020 with Trevor Walker
Heat from the crates

Starting the show off on a mellow tip with some selections from "Les Disques Debs" label and taking us through some Ghanaian Hi Life and Juju from Nigeria then we'll hear something from "Les Disques Bongo Joe" as well as "Mauskovic Dance Band" (even though the show was cancelled) and haven't decided where we go from there so stay tuned to find out... Happy listening and thank you for taking the time.
Bon Anniversaire
Henri Debs - Bon Anniversaire 7" EP - Disques Debs (late 1960's)
Tabou N°2 - Disques Debs International Vol 2 (Cadence Revolution 1973-1981) v/a 2xLP - Strut 2020 New
Moin Domi Dérhô
Super Combo - Disques Debs International Vol 2 (Cadence Revolution 1973-1981) v/a 2xLP - Strut 2020 New
Nsem Keka Dooso
Dr. K. Gyasi & his Noble Kings - 7" - Essiebons (1970's)
Face To Face
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and his International Brothers Band - 7" - Decca 1971
Colosse de Rhodes
Cyril Cyril - 7" - Les Disques Bongo Joe 2017
Esoteric Chakra
Rhythm Doctor ‎ - 12" - Discfunction 1997
Down In The Basement
The Mauskovic Dance Band - Down In The Basement 12" EP - Soundway 2018
Oulé Collé
Michel Bagoé - 7" - Sofrito Super Singles 2015
Boya Joachim & Poly-Rythmo - 7" - Disques Tropiques 1977
Martyr, Africa Is Coming, Together When We Meet, It Is The Destiny
Tchamy Patterson - 7" - Moderato 1981
Repeating Night
The Mauskovic Dance Band - 7" - Les Disques Bongo Joe 2017
Interactive CKCU
Trevor Walker (host)
Welcome and thank you for tuning/ streaming in and TGIF Drive! Enjoy!

3:37 PM, March 6th, 2020
robert p in gatineau
Great sonic excursion. Thanks.

6:03 PM, March 6th, 2020
Elorious Cain
Great show show Trevor! Those Sofrito records are so cool.

10:26 AM, March 9th, 2020
Moyle Doggy Dogg
Rhythm Doctor prescribing tha groovy antidote to all dem viral blues

7:41 AM, March 10th, 2020