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Friday Drive
Friday June 21st, 2019 with Trevor Walker
By the seat of my pants....

Journey starts in west Africa, then off to the west Indies in the first half. In the second half
Gnonnas Pedro - 7" - Studio Disque Gnoinsope
Akpakpa Police
Sicko Appiah et l'Orchestre Black Santiago - 7" - Disques Tropiques
Funky Feeling
Les Grammack's - Symbol Of Determination In Paris LP - Antilles Musique Diffusion
Sugar Cane Baby
Harry Mosco - Sugar Cane Baby LP - Samba Productions
Tell Me How
Loleatta Holloway Orchestra - 12" - RCA
Candy Girl
New Edition - 7" - Streetwise
One For The Treble (Fresh)
Davy DMX - 7" - Tuff City New
Peter Piper (Raw mix)
Run DMC - 7" - Soopasole New
Fight the Power
Public Enemy - 7" - Motown
Nhiazinhia (lifeboogie remix)
Rommel Ribeiro - Digital - unreleased Canadian
Class A
Majestics - 7" - New World Records New
Rist Skjelettet
Leoparden - 7" - Lyske Strekk New
Interactive CKCU
Trevor Walker (host)
TGIFriday Drive! Happy listening

5:58 PM, June 21st, 2019
Dave Aardvark (host)
Fight The Power! I was "singing" in the car...

7:51 PM, June 21st, 2019
Trevor Walker (host)
The nostalgia on the P..E. was powerful for me @Dave Aardvark

11:25 PM, June 21st, 2019
Robert, Gatineau.
Thanks. I did learn something. Harry Mosco, Gramacks. Great stuff.

12:56 PM, June 22nd, 2019
Trevor Walker (host)
It's great to share the wealth @Robert

5:29 AM, June 23rd, 2019