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Friday Drive
Friday March 8th, 2019 with Trevor Walker
Mixed bag to get down!

New digs on Tru Thoughts , Bullfrog, Black Moon, classic Compost Records to name a few. Happy listening! #playitsayit
Let Me Ride (Radio Edit)
Sly5thAve - 7" - Tru Thoughts New
Bullfrog Theme
Bullfrog - Bullfrog Theme 7" - Not On Label Canadian
I Got Cha Opin (Remix) (Vocal)
Black Moon - 7' - Wreck Records New
Music De Carnaval (Steven J Re-Drum)
Magdy El Hossainy - 7" - P├ępite Canadian
La Cumbia Del Chinche
Candeleros - 7" - Galletas Calientes New
Dub Be Good To Me
Beats International - 12" - Go! Beat
another lover parts 1 and 2
Ben Nevile - EP1 12" - Power Trio Canadian New
Black is Key
Dego & Kaidi - EP 12" - Eglo Records
Give a Little More Body Action
M-D-Emm - 12" - Republic Records
Aretha Franklin - 7" - Atlantic
Truby Trio feat Concha Buika - 12" - Compost Records
Kyoto Jazz Massive - 10" - Local Talk New
Interactive CKCU
Whoa, I always assumed this Bullfrog 7" was at 33rpm.

5:08 PM, March 8th, 2019
Trevor Walker (host)
@SpeedBump the other side is!

5:39 PM, March 8th, 2019
good show today trev!

5:41 PM, March 8th, 2019
Nice music

5:52 PM, March 8th, 2019
Trevor Walker (host)
Thank you all for taking the time to tune in!

5:57 PM, March 8th, 2019
Moyle Doggy Dogg
OK, Trevor, I give up... what does the "star" symbolize after the record label?

5:42 AM, March 12th, 2019
Trevor Walker
@Moyle Doggy Dogg it means new release.

9:24 PM, March 12th, 2019
Moyle Doggy Dogg
Muchas Muchas!! Always nice to see a "Flag Star" combo ( a la that smooth Ben Neville platter)... actually, I just copied the icons & pasted them; it shows up as : Canadian New Thanks for the enlightenment

4:26 AM, March 13th, 2019
Trevor Walker
@Moyle Doggy Dogg that's weird? The maple leaf indicates "Canadian content", normally.

7:05 PM, March 13th, 2019