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Friday Drive
Friday January 12th, 2018 with Trevor Walker
No theme, just music

All kinds of grooves to move to from Acid Jazz to Afro Boogie and many more sounds to fill the space between your ears. Happy listening!
Unwind Your Mind/ Pull Up To The Bumper Dub
Greyboy feat Karl Denson/ Grace Jones - Home Cookin' LP/ 12" - Ubiquity Recordings/ Island Records
K-Creative - 12" - Tongue & Groove
Gotta Get Out
The Pendletons - Brownswood Bubblers Twelve pt 1 V/A LP - Brownswood Recordings New
Funk and Fire
Janet N'Diaye Lokamba - Aimey LP - J N'Diaye Lokamba
Watermelon Sun
Hello Skinny - Watermelon Sun 2xLP - Brownswood Recordings New
Liquid Liquid - EP - 99 Records
Spiritual War (Kaidi Tatham remix)
Fertile Ground - Remixes No2 EP - Counterpoint Records
Anxious Party People
Blood Wine Or Honey - Brownswood Bubblers Twelve pt 2 V/A LP - Brownswood Recordings New
Lonnie Liston Smith - 12" - S12
Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel - 12" - Imagenes Records
De Frank Jr - 7" - Mukatsuku New
Cambanca Djombo
Super Mama Djombo - Na Cambanca LP - Cobiana
Interactive CKCU
Whoa, where are we on the playlist? What's this post-punky bass heavy groover with the vocals and vibes like percussion?

5:29 PM, January 12th, 2018
Liquid Liquid! That makes sense!

5:32 PM, January 12th, 2018
Gabriel MM
What's playing? Loving this tune!

5:55 PM, January 12th, 2018
OK page refreshed thanks!

5:55 PM, January 12th, 2018
'Expansions'. Thank you Trevor.

2:26 PM, January 13th, 2018
Elorious Cain
Another sizzler Trevor!

7:29 AM, January 17th, 2018
Trevor Walker (host)
Thank you Elorious and thanks to everyone for tuning in!

5:37 PM, January 19th, 2018