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Friday Drive
Friday June 16th, 2017 with Trevor Walker
Nu Jazz/ Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Funk & Soul

On this edition of "Friday Drive" we'll be running through some of the jazz/ funk that came out during the '90's through the '00's including some trip hop, nu jazz and funk & soul. Check it out!
Unwind Your Mind/ Pull Up To The Bumper Dub
Greyboy feat Karl Denson/ Grace Jones - Home Cookin'/ 12" - Ubiquity Recordings/ Island Records
Chui Nui
Kaidi Tatham - Changing Times EP - FW New
Deja Vu
Yesterdays New Quintet - 12" - Ubiquity
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Live At The Blue Whale LP - Mashi Beats/ Ropeadope/ fatbeats New
Busride To The Zoo
Fred Cherry - H.I.T.S. 001 10" - Hole In The Sky
Speed Deep (The Future Sound Of London Deseo Reconstruction Mix)
Jon Anderson - 12" - HIgh Street Records
Jessica Lauren 3 - 10" - People
Negrocan - 12" - Deep South
Size Of An Elephant
The Powdered Rhino Horns - EP - Tongue & Groove
When She Smiles She Lights The Sky (4Hero Remix)
Plantlife - 12" - Gut Records
Miracle Man
Quant - 12" - Ecco Chamber
Wagadooga Shake
Watch TV & The Primetimes - 12" - Hitop Records
Pushmipullyu - EP - Wooly Mammoth
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