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Friday Drive
Friday April 7th, 2017 with Trevor Walker
Funk Soul & Disco and a little jazz & reggae all 45s

Running through some Record Show finds and tunes selected for this weekends events.
In An Hour
The Czechoslovakia Radio Jazz Orchestra - 7" - Spasibo Records New
Shake It Up
The Vibrations - 7" - Chess
Hung Up
Salt - 7" - Choctaw Record/ Soul Jazz Records New
Lady Wray - 7" - Big Crown New
Give Me Your Love
Sister Love - 7" - Mo-East Records New
Listen To The Music
Ronnie Miller - 7" - Jar-Val
Still A Part Of Me
The Minits - 7" - BGP New
It's Your Thing
The Isley Brothers - 7" - Buddah Records
In The Middle
Antibalas - 7" - Desco International
Mercy Mercy Me
Marvin Gaye - 7" - Tamla Motown
Impeach The President
The Honey Drippers - 7" - Tuff City Records New
The Inturns - 7" - Impact!
The Harder They Come The Harder They Fall
Jimmy Cliff - 7" - Mango
The Message From The Soul Sisters part 1
Myra Barnes - 7" - King Records
Ain't Nothing But Something To Do
The Whole Darn Family - 7" - Soul International Records
Family Tree (Disco Version)
Family Tree featuring Sharon Brown - 7" - 45 Record Shack
Wicky Wacky
The Fatback Band - 7" - Event Records Inc
Wake Up People
Heem - 7" - 45 Record Shack New
Interactive CKCU
Robert, Gatineau, QC.
hi. quick search, allmusic. Sister Love, South London, 1978. Thanks, i've been listening since 1995. It made a difference for me.

5:48 PM, April 7th, 2017
Robert, Gatineau, QC.
Hi. Sisters Love, on Wikipedia, american R&B from 1973. "Give Me Your Love". Thanks.

5:55 PM, April 7th, 2017
Lance Baptiste &. Trevor Walker (host)
Thank you Robert!

5:59 PM, April 7th, 2017
Elorious Cain
Just loving these rarities!

5:09 PM, April 10th, 2017
thank you for a boss show there!

5:28 PM, April 11th, 2017
My friend Elorious was ranting and raving about this show that I had to check it out for myself. UTTERLY SICK! You rule Trevor.

8:46 AM, April 12th, 2017
Lance Baptiste &. Trevor Walker (host)
Thank you so much Elorious, Hamilton and Hector for checking out the show and the kind words. Very glad you all enjoyed it!

12:18 PM, April 12th, 2017