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Friday Drive
Friday April 5th, 2013 with Lance Baptiste

Unwind youir mind
Greyboy ft. Carl denison - Mo Cookin - Ubiquity
Hyf(the gypsy sun) & Prufrock(the shadowrunner) - cd sampler - indie Canadian
Galactic Dancehall
Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen - One Nation - balanced Canadian
Je Suis casse(Chui Cace
Rommel Ribeiro - Ecologico Recycle - indie Canadian
Ausencia sentimental(sentimental Absence)
Ayombe! - Ayombe The Heart of colombia's Musica Vallenata
cumbia's Beat
dj Moar - --
Mambocito Mio(Sono Rhizmo re edit)
Sono Rhizmo - --
Soledad(Sono Rhizmo re edit)
Sono Rhizmo - --
Mussum(Quantic Remix)
Saravah Soul - --
O telephono(Sono Rhizmo re edit)
Jorge Ben - --
Macaco Matata El Toro
Faran Bantu - --
L:atin Touch
dj Zeph - --