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Window of Opportunity
Friday November 9th, 2012 with Chris White and Shelley Ann Morris
Peter Bugden; Musical Triathlon

Window of Opportunity theme
Kate and Hollis - single Canadian
Flop Eared Mule
John Showman and Joey Wright - live in studio Canadian
Songwriting student Peter Bugden performs live and talks about the "Over the Bridge" concert coming up at Algonquin College on Monday evening.
Across the Bridge
Peter Bugden - live in studio - 13:00 Canadian
The Years Gone By
Peter Bugden - live in studio - 16:50 Canadian
25:30 Shelley Ann Morris describes her experiences as a blind triathlete and presents a "musical triathlon".
The Swimming Song
Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Kate and Anna McGarrigle - 35:00 Canadian
The Acoustic Motorbike
Luka Bloom - The Acoustic Motorbike
Running On Empty
Jackson Browne - Running on Empty
The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
Marianne Faithfull - Broken English
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Hey Chris & Shelley-Ann how ya folks doin?

3:04 PM, November 9th, 2012

3:07 PM, December 14th, 2012
Sounding good ladies! : )

3:07 PM, December 14th, 2012
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