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Window of Opportunity
Friday November 7th, 2014 with Laurie-Ann AND Tony Copple
Guest: Councillor Marianne Wilkinson

Funding Drive Show 3. Ottawa Councillor Marianne Wilkinson joins us, following her re-election for Kanata North, to chat about the future and municipal politics in Ottawa.
Window of Opportunity - theme
Kate & Hollis - single - Indie Canadian
River of Sand
Lynne Hanson - River of Sand - Indie Canadian New
When Lovers Leave
Lynne Hanson - Once the Sun goes Down - Indie Canadian
Stop this Train
Adam Kavanagh & Jon Chandler - live in studio - Indie Canadian
Fragments of Time
Adam Kavanagh & Jon Chandler - live in studio - Indie Canadian
Harvest Moon
Adam Kavanagh & Jon Chandler - live in studio - Indie Canadian
informal interview
Marianne Wilkinson - live in studio chat
Hey Jerusha
Terry Tufts - The Better Fight - Borealis Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tony Copple (host)
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1:00 PM, November 5th, 2014
Laurie-Ann Copple (host)
We may move songs and interviews around in order - this is a very flexible and live show. But more potentially fun! Interact with us here on and also contribute to our show financially. Use the secure pledge link above, or if the phone room is open (it is when we're live on air!), give us a call at 613-520-3920. Or toll free at 1-877-520-3920!

12:06 AM, November 7th, 2014
Mike Mercer
Laurie-Ann & Tony I'm enjoying this show right now & thouse of you who still not have shown support of Window & CKCU like I have last week please do so now at 613-520-3920 or toll free 1-877-520-3920 or click & donate at

3:16 PM, November 7th, 2014
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