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The Dylan Hunter Show
Friday July 12th, 2019 with Colin B & Victor U
CKCU Radio Camp 2019: Week #1

Tune in for a very special presentation of the Dylan Hunter Show as the CKCU Radio Camp kids for Week #1 take over the station!
John's Special Fluids (Ad)
I Want It That Way
Backstreet Boys -
Take Me Home, Country Roads
John Denver -
We Will Rock You
Queen -
Take Me To Church
Hozier -
Graham Talks: Nachos
Graham Interview #1
CKCU Station ID
Bad Guy
Billie Eilish -
Old Town Road
Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug & Mason Ramsey -
Pokémon Review #1
Corinne Interview
Graham Interview #2
Billy Bob's Hat Emporium (Ad)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen -
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBoeuf
Rob Cantor -
What A Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong -
The Adventures of Beatrice Knit (Play)
Graham Interview #3
Bananas! (Ad)
Hotline Bling
Drake -
Epic Sax Guy
Sergey Stepanov -
Mr. Blue Sky
Electric Light Orchestra -
Graham Talks: Dinosaurs
Graham Interview #4
Graham Interview #5
Sam's Surveillance Systems (Ad)
Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Eiffel 65 -
Last Surprise
Shoji Meguro/Lyn Inaizumi -
The Duck Song
Bryant Oden -
Corinne & Echo's Pocket Review
Graham Interview #5
Mr. Brightside
The Killers -
Get Lucky
Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams -
Pokémon Review #2
Never Gonna Give You Up
Rick Astley -
Interactive CKCU
Matthew Crosier (host)
Show sounds great. Well done everyone!

1:34 PM, July 12th, 2019
Good show I like it

2:07 PM, July 12th, 2019
Matthew Crosier (host)
good job on the ELO!

2:11 PM, July 12th, 2019
Colin Boudreault (host)
The kids say thanks, Matt!

2:16 PM, July 12th, 2019
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11:05 PM, July 13th, 2019