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The Dylan Hunter Show

The Dylan Hunter Show
Friday December 8th, 2017 with Gord Peeling

Keeping out the fundamentally unsound
Firecloud - Firecloud - self '14
Ping Pong/Can be
Can - Can - Spoon Records '14
Acid Cloud Part 1
Moths and Locusts - Intro/Outro - Cardinal Fuzz '17 Canadian
Sister Anne
MC5 - High Time - Atlantic '71
Al Tuck and No Action - Brave Last Days - Murderecords '94 Canadian
The Saw Doctors - If This Is Rock and Roll, I Want My Old Job Back - Solid Records '91
Friday On My Mind
The Easy Beats - Good Friday - Varese Vintage '67/16
Last Waltz of the El Strato
Al Tuck and No Action - Brave Last Days - Murderecords '94 Canadian
Making It Work
Doug and the Slugs - Music For the Hard of Thinking - RCA '82 Canadian
Mr. Lif & Brass Menazeri - Resilient - Waxsimile '17 New
The Valley
The Whiskey Charmers - The Valley - Sweet Apple Pie '17 New
Douania Tabolo
Boubacar Traore - Douania Tabolo - Lusafrica '17 New
Tout pour te deplaire
Johnny Hallyday - Ca Ne Change Pas Un Homme - Mercury '91
Live By the Song (ft. Rodney Crowell)
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Kings and Kings - File:Under Music '17 Canadian
All By Myself
Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin - Common Ground - Yep Roc '14
Flip, Flop and Fly
Downchild Blues Band - So Far - Posterity '77 Canadian
Two Trains Running
The Blues Project - Projections - Verve '68
Rock It In Rhythm
The Original Sloth Band - 1978 - Troubador Canadian
Bad Man Ballad
Ben Hunter & Joe Seamans - A Black and Tan Ball - Benjoemusic '17 New
Over There
Dori Freeman - Letters Never Read - MRI '17 New
Brave Combo - Musical Varieties - Rounder
Turmoil & Tinfoil
Billy Strings - Turmoil & Tinfoil - Apostol '17 New
Blind Thomas At the Crime Scene
Steve Dawson - Rattlesnake Cage - Black Hen '14 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Gord Peeling (host)
Enjoy the Friday celestial journey to the fundamentally unsound

1:08 PM, December 8th, 2017
Typo in n17: that would be Al Tuck and No Action, a 'k', not an 'h'. A.k.a. one of the really good and clever names ('cause his real name is Al Tuck)

1:12 PM, December 8th, 2017
Excellent music, by the way. Follows Friday Morn... really well.

1:14 PM, December 8th, 2017
Gord Peeling (host)
Thanks B glad you are enjoying it and am on the ypos lol

1:24 PM, December 8th, 2017
Yeah, and my mistake, it's Buddah, not n17, as I misread...

1:31 PM, December 8th, 2017
Thank you for playing my fave AL Tuck song! Have it on a tape from 15+ years ago have not heard it anywhere else !

1:33 PM, December 8th, 2017
I have to correct myself (and you) once again: I just looked at his site, and he seems to style it without "and": "Al Tuck No Action".

1:34 PM, December 8th, 2017
Ps. *You have it on playlist as Al Tuch not Al Tuck

1:34 PM, December 8th, 2017
Hah! Friday On My Mind! The way back machine's turned on!...

1:41 PM, December 8th, 2017
It actually spawned one of the better, and better-selling, French copies in Québec: Vendredi M'Obsède.

1:42 PM, December 8th, 2017
Oops, Al Tuck's here December 13, not 30, as you said...

1:47 PM, December 8th, 2017
Enjoying your show!

2:30 PM, December 8th, 2017
Gord Peeling (host)
Thanks to B. Jas and Cath for all the comments and for B. the 1994 album was by Al Tuck and No Action.

3:43 PM, December 8th, 2017
Gord Peeling (host)
And for Jas, couldn't agree with you more - the Buddah song by Al Tuck is one of his best.

3:44 PM, December 8th, 2017
Gord coming in with the Mr. Lif!

7:53 PM, May 28th, 2020