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The Dylan Hunter Show
Friday December 25th, 2015 with Shirley Gagnon (Midnight Waves)
Aboriginal music in various genres

Aboriginal music in various genres (folk, blues, hip hop, bluntry, country, acapella, traditional) from Midnight Waves.
Working for the Government
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Running For The Drum Canadian
Creeland Blues
Napoleon Collective - Napoleon Collective Canadian
Indian Blues
George Leach - Just Where I'm At Canadian
Burn (feat. Drezus)
Joey Stylez - Feather + Rosary Canadian
Wild West Show
Eagle and Hawk - Life Is... Canadian
Electric Pow Wow Drum
A Tribe Called Red - A Tribe Called Red Canadian
Memphis Bluesette
Billy Joe Green - String Twister: Hits & Missses Canadian
Devil Come Down Sunday
Derek Miller - Dirty Looks Canadian
God And The Devil
Jacques & The Shakey Boys - Lines, Bumps & Bars Canadian
Lone Warrior
Donna's Boy - On The Road Canadian New
The Ballad of the Tennessee Cree
Kevin Scholfield - The Ballad of the Tennessee Cree Canadian
Rez Sister
Asani - Rattle & Drum Canadian
Cold Wind
Leela Gilday - Heart of the People Canadian
For the Light
Digging Roots - For the Light Canadian
Northern Man
Midnight Shine - Northern Man Canadian
Nadjiwan - Awake Canadian
Jaaji - Nunaga: My Home My Land Canadian
Wasting Time Away
Chesley June - Seize the Day Canadian
Somewhere Down The Craze River
Robbie Robertson - The Best of Robbie Robertson: The Millennium Collection Canadian
Cruel Son and Heartless Moon
Robin Ranger - Robin Ranger – The View From Seventh Sky Canadian
Don Amero - Refined Canadian New
Greg's House
Cliff Cardinal - Cliff Cardinal and the Skylarks Canadian New
Victory Song
Chester Knight and The Wind - Freedom Canadian
Kashtin - Innu Canadian
Pa Me Sei Win
Thelma Cheechoo - Stay Canadian
Nipa Minuaten
Florent Vollant - Katak Canadian
Corn Cob Soup
Derek Miller - Music Is The Medicine Canadian
Méchif Reel
J.J. Lavallee - A Fiddle Bit of This & A Fiddle Bit of That Canadian
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