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The Dylan Hunter Show
Friday February 7th, 2014 with Matthew Crosier
101’s International Radio Series: Twice Lightning:

Dennis Tourbin was the Artistic Director at Gallery 101 in 1986. During this time, Dennis worked with George Young to produce 101’s International Radio series: Twice Lightning. Twice Lightning is a compendium of recordings, a series of recordings made between 1984-86, with sixteen writers/performers. Now, Twice Lightning is a playlist available on SoundCloud created by Gallery 101 especially for a city wide Dennis Tourbin memorial programming project, in partnership with the Carleton University Art Gallery and SAW Video. Artists: Dennis Tourbin, George Young, Sharon Berg, Darryl Tenenbaum, Scott Moodie, Michael Dennis, Mary Scott, Robert Wiens, Ronnie R Brown, Deborah McMullen, Robert Priest, Jan Conn, Victor Coleman, Kate Van Dusen, Ward Maxwell, Richard Harrison Curators: George Young, Dennis Tourbin
Twice Lightning
Dennis Tourbin - Twice Lightning Canadian