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The Dylan Hunter Show
Friday May 17th, 2013 with Dylan Hunter

500 ft of pipe - the electrifying church of the new light
born bad
juliette lewis - soundtrack natural born killers
blissful idiot
the :egocentrics - center of the cyclone
the art of self-defense
the jesus lizard - liar
the pixies - doolittle
everything always goes wrong
a place to bury strangers - exploding head
tomandandy - soundtrack resident evil
all in my head
tracer - spaces in between
hits of sunshine (for allen ginsberg)
sonic youth - a thousand leaves
crash course in brain surgery
budgie - in for the kill
stop it
nomeansno - sex mad / you kill me Canadian
last caress
the misfits - static age
shadows of tomorrow
madvillain - madvillainy
salem - king night
the hatred of those who hurt us
camel of doom - child of the scream ep
black isn't black
the black angels - indigo meadow New
space wizard
enoch - the hierophant
water's edge
nick cave and the bad seeds - push the sky away New
guilty ones
blue sky black death - a heap of broken images
luxury travel
oneida - rated o
gloria lewis
kyuss - and the circus leaves town
hide from spacelight
black space riders - black space riders
love is blindness
the devlins - achtung baby
scanner - spore
greg dulli - amber headlights
slow drift away
soundtrack of our lives - a present from the past
pure radio cosplay
and you will know us by the trail of dead - tao of the dead
sungrazer - sungrazer