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Ottawa Live Music
Thursday November 1st, 2018 with Phil, Candace & Dave
We plucked some band highlights out of the recent OLM archive to squawk about!! Support local musicians & concerts on the radio!!

Hope you enjoy our Funding Drive chaos clip show y'all! Thanks to Crab Boat & TBWNIAS for our banter backdrop.... Thanks to everyone who kicked into the CKCU bucket in support of Ottawa Live Music and/or any of the 120+ programs.... C'mon back for Nessie playing OLM next round :) - DesTrois
Dant Danners - OLM Canadian
more Dant Danners:
War Warning
Liz McDermott - OLM Canadian
Prison Choice
Liz McDermott - OLM Canadian
more or check out Banditas:
Burn Burn Burn
Saint Clare - OLM Canadian
Saint Clare's latest kick-ass EP:
The Hunt
Novusolis - OLM Canadian
check out 'n' support Novusolis:
2 Dawn Songs
Slow Dawn - OLM Canadian
Feel the BURN!! killer trio they are:
Greatest Finale Ever
Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters - OLM Canadian
Always a hoot, say Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters 3 times fast, I dare ya:
Interactive CKCU
Candace Nelson (host)
Thank you to all of the listeners who generously donated to OLM!! <3

2:12 AM, November 3rd, 2018