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Ottawa Live Music
Thursday June 18th, 2015 with Dana, Phil and Dave
Sans Foulard

Live at CKCU
Sans Foulard - Live at CKCU Canadian
Interactive CKCU
pretty good mix...clear lyrics and nice instrument blend...listening from the Sunshine Coast BC...looking forward to rest of this set.

10:08 PM, June 18th, 2015
You are sounding mighty fine from across the river in Aylmer, Qu├ębec. Great musical arrangements. I hope to catch you at Le Petit Chicago in Hull!

10:36 PM, June 18th, 2015
SansFoulard is sounding good. Really like the original sound. Just needs a little more flute

10:44 PM, June 18th, 2015
From across the St. Lawrence River in New York
Sans Foulard has great sounds and the vocalist has a really good voice. Instrumentals have been put together beautifully. Kudos to the group

10:51 PM, June 18th, 2015
Jackrabbit from Toronto
Excellent show Sans Foulard! I especially appreciated the hosts and the thoughtful questions. Well done and great music!

10:54 PM, June 18th, 2015
RK Waddington
Everyone should keep there eye on this group in the future.. They are going places.

10:55 PM, June 18th, 2015
Talina Giasson
So excited I finally got to hear this great music :) and from the comfort of my home in Windsor!

10:56 PM, June 18th, 2015
Gib Cyr
Wonderfully fresh with hint of edgy...some remote semblance to tragically hip This band still developing...on it's way to someplace I'm certain.

12:05 AM, June 19th, 2015
Sans Foulard
These comments are rad! You all ROCK, thank you so much for tuning in! Catch you next time. SF

1:15 AM, June 19th, 2015