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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday December 9th, 2021 with mark
Anna's Day . Happy Anna's day to all Annas

Each week we try to figure out what to play, looking for birthdays, release dates, etc. Well Dec. 9 marks the day to start the preparation process of the lutefisk in many nordic countries to be consumed on Christmas Eve. Sadly, or perhaps happily, I don't have a lot of music pertaining to the preparation of dried whitefish, thankfully Dec. 9 also lies on Anna's day in Sweden, so tonight's show will feature a number of Anna's.
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
The Truth, The Glow, The Fall
Anna Von Hausswolff - Dead Magic - City Slang
Usein Miun Utuisen
Anna-Kaisa Liedes - Utua - Texicalli
Dungen - Skit I Allt - Subliminal Sounds
-- set break --
Ur Vilande
Änglagård - Viljans Oga - Änglagård Records
Anekdoten - From Within - Virtalevy
-- set break --
ritual, part 1
Fire! Orchestra - Ritual - rune grammofon
Annbjørg Lien - Baba Yaga - Northside
Diamántta Spáillit (Reindeer of Diamond)
Mari Boine - In the Hand of the Night - Lean
AnnaMy - Woodpecker - Subliminal Sounds
The Witch's Dance
Blood Ceremony - Living with the Ancients - Metal Blade Canadian
A Wine of Wizardry
Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony - Metal Blade Canadian
The Hermit
Blood Ceremony - Living with the Ancients - Metal Blade Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Smoked whitefish from lake Superior in Thuder Bay bars at midnite with draft beer. Brought in and sold at your table from an Indigenous guy...mmmmm!!! Same for Artic Char in Yukon! mmmm great tunes! Thanks!

8:52 PM, December 9th, 2021
In memory of my Anna...amazing person!

8:56 PM, December 9th, 2021
For me it was mostly dairy country, so it was old cheese and saltines at midnight with pitchers of draft. Thx for tuning in

9:46 PM, December 9th, 2021