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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday April 25th, 2019 with mark
Funding drive donor all-request show. Thanks again to everyone who donated to keep CKCU on the air!! Goblin, Sons of Otis, Nils Petter Mulvaer, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Mongolfiere, Genesis, Al Di Meola, Skinny Jimmy Stingray, Los Straightjackets

Annual thanks to the donors, again showing the diversity of musical styles and artists of CKCU and Infinite Ceiling listeners. This year again I am, as always, humbled by response and the generosity of the listeners. Mahalo...
Goblin - Suspiria - Cinevox
Liquid Jam
Sons of Otis - X - Small Stone Canadian
Sleep with echoes
Nils Petter Mulvaer - Baboon Moon - Thirsty Ear
Captain Coconut
Jimi Hendrix - Crash Landing - Reprise
Silk Worm
Eivind Aarset - Connected - Jazzland
Dog Eat Dog
Joni Mitchell - Dog Eat Dog - Geffen Canadian
-- set break --
Ghosts of the Wild
Montgolfiere - Montgolfiere - PRC Music
The Battle of Epping Forest
Genesis - Selling England by the Pound - Atlantic
Mediterranean Sundance
Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy - Columbia
Race With Devil On Spanish Highway
Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy - Columbia
Skinny Jimmy Stingray - Skinny Jimmy Stingray - El Flace Mantarraya
Los Straitjackets - Damas Y Caballeros! - Cavalcade
Interactive CKCU
Jas Nasty
Hi Mark, enjoying the show, nice to hear Joni Mitchell

9:12 PM, April 25th, 2019
Mark Keill (host)
Thx. All I can take credit for is the order... And yes that is a very over-looked album.

9:19 PM, April 25th, 2019