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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday April 18th, 2019 with mark
An evening of fusion from German composer and reed player Klaus Doldinger. Part 1 in the funding drive all-donor request shows. Thank you all again

One of the first requests I received was for a specfic song from German jazz player, composer Klaus Doldinger. Having never heard of this gentleman I began the research and as it turns out as a member of Passport plus other recordings a whole show is in order to showcase. The track requested in particular was the title track for the very long-running German detective series Tatort (1970-present). The iconic soundtrack would be the cue for people to drop what they were doing and head to the TV. Doldinger is also the composer of a number of film soundtracks including Das Boot and as mentioned was also a part of the group and other fusion ensembles. btw most if not all of the selections are from the 4 disc box set Klaus Doldinger: Works & Passion 1955-2000 released by Warner Records, but the listing below will list the original recordings
Klaus Doldinger - The Mad, Mad World Of Soundtracks Vol. 2 - Motor Music
Blue-Note Samba
Klaus Doldinger Quartet - Doldinger Live At Blue Note Berlin - Philips
Doldinger's Motherhood - Doldinger's Motherhood - Liberty
The Cat From Katmandu
Passport - Second Passport - Atlantic
Hand Made
Passport - Hand Made - Atlantic
-- set break --
Passport - Looking Thru - Atlantic
Passport - Passport - Atlantic
Will - O'The - Whisp
Passport - Cross-Collateral - Atlantic
-- set break --
Passport - Iguaçu - Atlantic
Waltz Of The Jive Cats
NDR-Jazz-Workshop Band - Jazz Workshop Concert - Phillips
Klaus Doldinger - Constellation - WEA
Das Boot
Klaus Doldinger - Die Original Filmmusik "Das Boot" - WEA
Die Unendliche Geschichte
Klaus Doldinger - Die Unendliche Geschichte ("The Never Ending Story") - WEA
Tatort Titelmusik
Klaus Doldinger - Klaus Doldinger: Works & Passion 1955-2000 - Warner
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