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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday December 13th, 2018 with mark
National violin day. Violin tunes from Embryo, The Book of Knots, Boud Deun, Ozone Quartet, FM, Frank Zappa, L. Shankar, KBB, L'Engoulevent, Conventum, The Night Watch, Aquarelle, & Electric Asturias

Dreaming Girls
Embryo - Steig Aus - Repertoire Records
The Book of Knots - Traineater - Arclight
Boud Deun - The Stolen Bicycle - Cuneiform
Ozone Quartet - Live at Local 506 - Flat Five
Slaughter in Robot Village
FM - Black Noise - CBC Canadian
-- set break --
The Gumbo Variations
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats - Rykodisc
No More Mr. Nice Girl
L. Shankar - Touch Me There - Zappa
Lagoon Nebula
KBB - Proof of Concept - Poseidon
-- set break --
Stepping Tones
Gerry Goodman & Jan Hammer - Like Children - Nemperor
The Great Escape
The Night Watch - The Night Watch - independent Canadian
Le Piège (From 'Jos Carbone')
Conventum - À l'Affût d'un Complot - ProgQuebec Canadian
Les vieux trains
L'Engoulevent - L'île Où Vivent Les Loups - ProgQuebec Canadian
Double Helix
Electric Asturias - Fractals - Asturias
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