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Crossing Boredom
Thursday August 2nd, 2012 with mark keill and sean mcfee

Mugstar - Lime - Important
Mother Animal
Ancestors - Of Sound Mind - Tee Pee
Over The Mountains
Sienna Root - Dirrerent Realities - transsubstans
Ich Will
Rammstein - Mutter - Motor
Electric Orange - Krautrock From Hell - sulatron
Mushroom Live
Can - The Lost Tapes - spoon New
Colony of Birchmen
Mastodon - Blood Mountain - Reprise
Den FemteStatsmakt
Black Debbath - Den FemteStatsmakt - Tuba
What the previous song was about
Black Debbath - Den FemteStatsmakt - Tuba
Motorpscho - Timothy's Monster - rune grammofon
Mother Sky
Vibravoid - Triptamine - Kanal
Interactive CKCU
The music is giving me flashbacks to the early 70's :)

8:23 PM, August 2nd, 2012
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