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Crossing Boredom
Thursday July 19th, 2012 with Derek & Jenn
SoCan week

Such Is Life
Alabama Thunderpussy - Fulton Hill - Relapse
Dry Spell
Alabama Thunderpussy - River City Revival - Relapse
All The Heavy Lifting
Mastondon - The Hunter - Repriser
Buried Myself Alive
The Used - s/t - Reprise
Triptykon - <single>
Fear Itself
Big Jeezus Truck - The Big Hoo Haw - Tavernface Canadian
Muffler Crunch - Little Things - Turn to Salt Canadian New
New Scar
Pretty Little Death Machine - A Piece of the Action - indie Canadian
Kojak with a Kodak
Jesus Mullet - Waiting for the Next Wagon - sirpunkly Canadian
Heathen Sunrise
Diablo Red - Lower the Troll Canadian
Napalm Jacket
Mortor - Metal Ride Canadian
Ride, Darkhorse, Ride
3 Inches of Blood - Battlecry Under a Winter Sun Canadian
In Mortal Fear
Exciter - Thrash Speed Burn Canadian
Workin' The Red Eye
Electric Magma - Coconut Bangers Ball Canadian
Illuminati - s/t Canadian
The Road Again
The Double Pumpers - II Canadian
Half Past Haggard
Barn Burner - <single> - Metal Blade Canadian
So Low
Devil to Pay - Cash is King