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Crossing Boredom
Thursday June 6th, 2013 with Derek & Jenn
Kylesa, Blood Ceremony coming soon!!!

You can Never have enough Tony Reed!!!!
Eternal Famine
Loviatar - Eternal Sons Canadian
Jimmy Clark
Falcon - Die Wontcha
In Memory
Kylesa - To Walk A Middle Course
Goodbye Gemini
Blood Ceremony - The Eldritch Dark - Rise Above Canadian New
We Will Meet again
Lazer/Wulf - s/t
Little Smoke
Sierra - <single> Canadian New
You Dream You See
White Hills - <single>
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan
Perth Express - s/t
Birds of Prey - The Hell Preacher - Relapse
Heavy Birth 2-Fisted
Solace - Solace & Solarized: Jersey Devils Double EP - Free Bird/MeteorCity
Good & Evil
Blood of the Sun - Burning on the Wings of Desire
Forever My Queen
Tony Reed - <single> New
Witch of Endor
Bloody Hammers - s/t - SoulSeller
Feelin' Low
The Graviators - Evil Deeds - Napalm
Sugar Bag
Solarized - Eight Ways To Sunday EP
Interactive CKCU
The show's sparkin' up some good conversation here tonight!

8:22 PM, June 6th, 2013
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