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Crossing Boredom
Thursday November 22nd, 2012 with Derek & Jenn
Stay for the HeaVy

Such Is Life
Alabama Thunderpussy - Fulton Hill - Relapse
American Way
The Circle Jerks - Six
Fen - Of Losing Interest - Ripple Canadian New
Chicken Itza
Lo Pan - Salvador - Small Stone
Iron Maiden - Killers
Can't Let You Go
Rainbow - Bent out of Shape
The Partisan
Loviatar - Widow's Flame Canadian New
Iron Lion Zion
C.F.A. - Managed By The Devil, Brought to you By The Grace of God - Ripple New
One For The Road
Scarecrowz - UpRising - Indie Canadian
Apocalyptic Havoc
Goatwhore - <single>
Snail - Blood - Meteor City
Primate - Draw Back A Stump - Relapse
Rise of the Lizard King
New Keepers of the Water Towers - TheChronicles of Iceman - Meteor City
Suns Align
Of The Horizon - s/t - indie
Wicked Lady
Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh
Down Dirt Roads
Wrath of Typhon - Speak From the Fire - Elevenkey
Sex With A Ghost
Crowned by Fire - Prone to Destroy